Summertime is here and one of our favorite parts about this time of year is making our very own summer bucket list.  While this year is a little different than those in the past, that doesn’t mean we still can’t make a list full of fun events and places that we want to visit this season.  Here’s a list of 10 bucket list items for a fun Summer in Fishers.  

1. Get Wet

We are always looking for ways to cool down during hot days.  So whether you visit your neighborhood pool for a dip or frequent your local splash pads, getting wet is an awesome way to have fun and stay cool! Billericay Park and Holland Park both have awesome family friendly splash pads if you are like me and enjoy watching the kids play from the shade!  

holland park splash pad

2. Visit a Museum

While there are many amazing museums around Indianapolis, Fishers is home to our local favorite – Conner Prairie! They’ve opened for the season and are ready for you to make some history with them!  This is one of the most unique places to explore and learn while you are doing it.  Spend a whole day here or break it up into a couple trips but step into the story with them, make some family memories, and check this one off the bucket list! 

3. Pick a New Park

The new Fishers Agripark looks amazing, including a farm-themed play space for the kids, but also a sunflower field and flower gardens for all the mommas out there!  If you can’t wait its public opening in September to start exploring, there are over 24 parks here in Fishers and I’m sure you haven’t been to all of them – I know I haven’t!  Pick a new one to explore and share about it with your friends!  

    kids playing at agripark

    4. Go to the Drive In

    So this is the only one of two things on this bucket list that you can’t find in Fishers (unless you create your own at home).  The nostalgia of sitting in your car or just outside of it on a warm summer night while watching a movie on a super giant old screen can’t quite be matched!  There’s something about taking it back to an old school way of doing things that has a pretty magical feel to it!  

    5. Go Get Ice Cream

    Anything cold on a hot summer day is a welcomed treat!  So pick your favorite – is it Ohana, Handel’s or maybe Graeters.  All have delicious flavors sure to please everyone in the family! Check out ideas for icy treats to keep you cool this summer in Fishers.

    6. Visit the Library

    Every year the library has awesome summer reading programs, but if that’s not for you, just visit for a few hours on a hot day!  Check out the HEPL Calendar to see if they have any events you can make or classes at the IGNITE s studio!   

    6. Visit the Farmers’ Market

    The Fishers Farmers’ Market is for more than fresh produce and meats!  Visit your local market where you might find live entertainment to enjoy while you grab a cup of jo from the local coffee shop, delicious homemade pies, and even tasty popcorn!  Take your kids and let them ask to pet every dog in sight!  That’s a fun game plus there’s usually lots of treats to buy for these members of the family too!  Bring your own bags and take it all in – Every Saturday!

    6. Play in Treehouses

    Did  you  know that Flat Fork Creek Park?  And what’s more magical than a treehouse in the middle of the park!   Grab some squirt guns and be ready to pretend you are in your own Swiss Family Robinson or Tarzan and pretend play the day away!  This seems like the perfect summer adventure!  

    Photo by Amber Fahy  

    kids in treehouse

    6. Take a Road Trip

    With all the crazy things going on in the world this yea {is 2020 over yet?!} it would be fun to get away – even if just somewhere a few hours away.  Pick a two hour trip and drive to a state park for the day or plan a camping trip… whatever you decide you are comfortable with, just make it somewhere other than home or your backyard!  Summer is about adventuring so get out there and travel somewhere new or exciting!  

    6. Visit the Beach

    If you are just dying to feel the sand in your toes, look no further than your own Saxony Beach.  Soak up the sun while relaxing by this 20 acre man-made lake with a swimming area, standing paddle board rentals, kayak rentals, fishing and of course SAND!  Make sure to bring your buckets and have a fun-filled day creating the most imaginative sand castles    

    saxony beach

    So there you have it – your perfectly attainable summer bucket list most of which can be done right here in Fishers!  Remember though, whatever you do, enjoy your summer, make memories, get outside, and most of all, take in all the summertime magic!