He’s as cuddly as a cactus and as charming as an eel, but we love him anyway! For this Meet your Neighbor, The Grinch took a break from the Fishers Santa Parade to talk with This is Fishers about some of his local favorites and what he’s been up to all year.

headless horseman
headless horseman


NEIGHBORHOOD: “I tend to stay away from the central hustle and bustle of the city, so I’ve chosen to reside in the southeastern portion of the city, near Geist Reservoir.”

FAVORITE LOCAL RESTAURANT: “I love biting into a juicy vegetable of an onion! So, frequenting the Fishers Farmers’ Market is a favorite past time, as well as pulling up my own onions in the summer and fall at the Fishers AgriPark when I’m not being bothered by holiday festivities. As far as restaurants, One Trick Pony cooks up some deee-licious onion rings.”

FAVORITE FISHERS PARK: “I don’t always like socializing with the public, but my dog Max enjoys all of Fishers’ 24 park properties. Our favorite is the Cheeney Creek Natural Area – quiet and secluded.”

FAVORITE LOCAL BUSINESS: “If you could see inside my home, you’d know that I enjoy collecting and inventing all kinds of things. I often find what I want or need at local antique shops. My favorite in Fishers is J. Bant Sexson’s Antiques, a hidden gem on 106th Street.”

FAVORITE WAY TO SPEND A SATURDAY: “For an enjoyable, leisurely activity, I like powering up my sled to take a ride down the hill at Flat Fork Creek Park with Max.”

Have you seen The Grinch #AroundFishers this year? Making an appearance for a few days of the Fishers Santa Parade, The Grinch has been known to mingle more with the public during the holiday season. If you can’t catch him in person, be sure to swing by City Hall and the Nickel Plate District for a photo opp with some Grinch art!