Hello Fishers! I’m Sarah Sandquist, Director of Fishers Parks. Fishers has 24 parks spread throughout the City, ranging in size and function from pocket parks like Bee Camp Creek Trailhead to larger parks like Holland Park and Brooks School Park. Each park has its own character and there is something for everyone!

Nature is waiting to be explored at Cheeney Creek Natural Area (11030 Fishers Pointe Boulevard). The 25-acre park is a secret wildlife oasis in the heart of Fishers and home to several unique amenities. From fishing ponds to greenways, Cheeney Creek is the ideal place to unplug with friends and family.

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cheeney creek

Here are 5 reasons you should visit Cheeney Creek Natural Area!

  1. Nature trails– Who knew there are almost 2 miles of nature and multi-use trails hidden right in the middle of Fishers?!
  2. Fishing- Grab your fishing license and drop a line in one of the 3 fishing areas within the park. Ponds are stocked with a variety of species including largemouth bass, bluegill, and channel catfish.
  3. Creek Stomping- What is creek stomping? Find a creek and stomp in it! Also, you can toss sticks in the water, build dams with rocks, skip stones, and search for crawdads.
  4. Picnicking- Pack up some snacks and sit down at one of the many picnic tables that are spread throughout the park. Cheeney Creek has some of the largest trees in Fishers. See if you can find them!
  5. Bird watching- Listen for the sounds of songbirds and waterbirds throughout the woodland areas. Cheeney Creek is a popular destination for professional and amateur birders! Interested? Check out our backyard birding post.

While there are of course many more than 5 reasons to visit any of our parks, I hope this list inspires you to visit Cheeney Creek Nature Area soon!

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