Planting is under way at the Fishers AgriPark! This week, farmer Trevor Wildey is busy planting peas, one of the first vegetables to be planted this season in preparation for the AgriPark’s May 1 reopening.

Two weeks ago, I met with Trevor to get a “new” tour of the farm. So much has changed since we closed for the season at the end of October 2020, and big changes are coming in 2021.

planting in the high tunnel
plant in soil

Inside the high tunnel – a partially indoor growing structure, similar to a greenhouse, that traps heat from the sun to allow farmers to starting growing produce earlier in the season – much of the work for a prime summer season begins. The extension of the growing season simply allows for more food to be grown, starting with cold-hardy foods like broccoli and cauliflower.

If you visited the AgriPark in 2020, you know that just outside the high tunnel is the primary growing area for vegetables. Rows of foods like tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, kale, banana peppers, potatoes, and so much more sprawl north of the main walking path through the farm. What was a 3-acre space in 2020 has, in the past few weeks, been doubled, now allowing for 6 acres of growth.

plant in soil

Speaking of new growth, AgriPark farmers have been busy prepping a new growing area, just behind the event barn. This 13,600-square-foot area will be completely dedicated to growing strawberries – 10 rows of approximately 1,500 plants.

The 10-acre cornfield also will be reconfigured to accommodate soybeans. Favorites like sweet corn and the large varietal sunflower field will make their return amongst patches of Indian corn, setting the stage for the AgriPark’s fall season.

Before May 1, the livestock area will also be expanded. Spirit the horse will come back to the farm, along with chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats, sheep, and a baby lamb. In addition to increased animal interactions, kids will be doubly excited to see a revamped nature play area with a mud kitchen, new play structures, sensory bins, and more.

So much is happening on our 33 acres of land. Last year’s tree nursery is thriving, and new-and-improved areas and structures are coming online weekly. Last year, the Fishers Parks staff saw support from the community that exceeded our expectations, and we’re so excited to welcome you back.

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catepillar on finger

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