THEY SAY ENERGY IS CONTAGIOUS. If true, you should catch Delisa Watson’s positive energy! For the past twelve years, Delisa has woken up at 3:30 a.m. to fill the roles of Store Community Ambassador and Associate Union Steward, as well as serve customers in the Kroger Meat and Seafood Department at the Kroger on 116th and Olio Road.

As a Store Community Ambassador, Delisa handles all Hamilton and Marion County donation requests. “The Ambassador position requires me to assist any individual, company, school or organization seeking donations. We provide donations for students, teachers, fundraisers, legions, churches, community centers, and non-profit organizations. If we are not able to fulfill a complete request, we always do something,” she said.

Kroger partners with Gleaners to provide food for up to 500 people a week at church food pantries in Noblesville, Fortville, and Fishers. In addition, Delisa manages frequent donations of fried chicken to feed moms and their children in the woman’s shelter at the Wheeler Mission, as well as a soup kitchen in Greenfield.

delisa watson

Delisa explains, “Not all donations are food. Many requests are for gift cards for fund raisers, too. I think it is great that Kroger is providing for our community.” Delisa also works with other Kroger employees to help fulfill donation requests in her position. “It is a group effort and I am thankful to have lots of help.”

In addition to donation management, in her role as an Associate Union Steward, Delisa represents all unionized Kroger employees by acting as the liaison between management and associates regarding all union related matters. She also manages the gourmet side of the meat case in the Meat and Seafood Department.

When asked about her work, Delisa shared, “I consider it a privilege to be able to serve in this way, and I do not take it lightly. I love that I get to serve the people, which is my heart song.”

Delisa’s favorite part of working at Kroger is helping customers and serving the community. “I get one to five minutes of interaction with all kinds of people. It is beautiful! If I see if that they’re not having a good day, I have an opportunity to change that with kindness.”

When Delisa is not serving the people at Kroger, she likes to bake pies and meals for family and loved ones.

The next time you are in Kroger at 116th and Olio, be sure to stop by the Meat and Seafood Department for a dose of Delisa’s positive energy.


NEIGHBORHOOD: I’m in the 116th Street and Hoosier Road area of Fishers.

FAVORITE LOCAL RESTAURANT: China Wok – I have my favorite dish delivered all the time.

FAVORITE FISHERS PARKS: Cheeney Creek Natural Area. You would never expect for a park to be
there. I find it very peaceful.


FAVORITE WAY TO SPEND A SATURDAY: Walking in my neighborhood with a breeze on my face.