The weather is cooling down and the leaves are starting to turn, fall is here! The best part of fall is all of the beautiful colors. You don’t want to miss out on capturing stunning photos this autumn. Whether you’re upping your Instagram game or looking for the perfect spot for those coveted family photos, I’ve compiled a list of places around Fishers where you can capture beautiful fall photos 

two grandparents sitting and holding their grandkids in their lap
a photo of a girl standing in front of a pond

Photo credit: @rdklove (left) and @lenariaphotography & @calihumphries (right)

Flat Fork Creek Park 

16141 E. 101st Street 

Being at Flat Fork can feel like you’re in many locations within one. There are several different spots to capture the perfect Instagram pic. Flat Fork offers a variety of different shots you can take, including in front of the fishing pond, deep in the woods on a trail, along the boardwalk (a favorite location for family photos), in one of the treehouses, or on top of the giant sledding hill for a stunning backdrop. The possibilities of snapping the perfect fall shot at Flat Fork are endless! 

Pro tip – don’t forget, mid to late October is peak foliage season. 

a close up of a girl holding a leaf on one half of her face
a girl sitting on a bridge in the woods

Ritchey Woods  

10410 Hague Road 

To really get in tune with nature, head over to Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve! Ritchey Woods is one of the only two state-designated nature preserves in Hamilton County. There are over 127 acres and nine trails to explore. Follow the trails to find a winding bridge tucked away in the woods. The trees keep it shady, but when the sun is out, it trickles through to make for the perfect spotlight. With all of that space, there is an unimaginable number of spots to grab the perfect fall picture.  

Pro tip: Please remember to stay on the trails to preserve nature and wildlife! 

a girl sitting on the grass next to her dog
two women kneeling down and petting their dog

Ambassador House 

10598 Eller Road 

The Ambassador House at Heritage Park is surrounded by beautiful flowers and landscaping year-round, and its backdrop is sure to give any photo that cozy fall feel. Between the gorgeous home, flowers, and trees, there are many opportunities to grab a beautiful picture for your Insta feed! 

Pro Tip: Check to make sure there isn’t a wedding or event happening so you can explore the grounds freely! Reach out to them at 

the backs of three people walking through a corn field
a far away photo of a corn field with trees on the side

Photo Credit: @fungusfae (left)

Conner Prairie 

13400 Allisonville Road 

Did you really go if you didn’t get a photo? Conner Prairie is a famous museum in Fishers that features live and interactive Indiana history. Head over now to experience the fall season! Their corn maze is the perfect spot to capture a pic. Or, if you go behind the famous William Conner House, there is a perfect view of the cornfield that makes for the ideal fall in Indiana backdrop.   

a photo of a nature trail

Cheeney Creek 

11030 Fishers Pointe Boulevard  

Cheeney Creek is another perfect nature escape. If you really want to capture the fall foliage and all it has to offer, look no further. Cheeney Creek’s trails are covered with beautiful trees that will be sure to pop in your next photo!  

Photo credit: @shot.byjamie

fishers mural
a photo of an outdoor concert stage during the day

Nickel Plate District Amphitheater 

6 Municipal Drive 

Not much of a nature person? I totally get it, sometimes the bugs and the critters aren’t for everyone. If that’s the case, check out the Nickel Plate District Amphitheater! This is for those who are going for more of a city vibe on their Instagram aesthetic. The blue and green panels make for a fun photo, and there are still surrounding trees if you want that hint of fall in the background.  

Pro Tip: snap a photo being the “I” in Fishers on the back of the NPD AMP pavilion.