YEAHHHH! It’s Farmers Market season! This past weekend I got to take my son to his first market, where he charmed anyone that made eye contact with him. We loved soaking up the fresh air and meeting some of the amazing new vendors this season.

The tried and true vendors will always have a place in my heart, but seeing new businesses pop up is really exciting- so I compiled a list of my five favorite finds at this season’s market!


1. Yay! Donuts- Mini Donuts

First up, obviously…. mini donuts. You know that moment when you find something you didn’t know was missing? That’s what happened here. I didn’t realize it, but having donuts at the market is a no-brainer! Sugar, chocolate, strawberry, cinnamon, mango, matcha… and more. If your kids didn’t beg you for sugar first thing in the morning before, they will now.  Oh, did I forget to mention the Sausage Donuts? Cause they made that a thing. And then poured syrup on top.


VanAntwerp’s Farm- Starter Plants

If you’ve been in Indiana for any length of time, you know our weather is unpredictable. I mean, it’s the middle of May and I’m still wearing a coat. So you can’t expect too much fully ripe produce at the market just yet. However, you will find some hearty-looking starter plants at the VanAntwerp’s Farm stand! I saw so many different plants and they were priced at just $1 each. That’s significantly cheaper than at your big box stores. So grab a few starters and give your own garden a try! Maybe you’ll be the next vendor at the Fishers Farmers Market.


Fishers Flower Farm- DIY Cut Flower Garden Kits

FFF is quickly becoming one of my favorite new local businesses. For the same reasons as stated above, flowers are also not quite ready for bouquet making. So instead, you’ll find a DIY Flower Garden Kit, with a variety of sprouted seedlings and a jar of handmade plant food to get them growing. I purchased one for my mom for Mother’s Day and she thought it was so clever- she loved it!


LePetit Gateau- Bread and Croissants

Ok, this is definitely not a new vendor, but it’s one of my favorites. I discovered LePetit Gateau when I purchased one of each of their cookies online during the Winter Farmers Market, and we inhaled them. If you want fresh sourdough that will change your life or a croissant as big as your head, this is your stop. Of course, they have a variety of other baked goods, as well. Eat them while you walk or bring them home for breakfast throughout the week.


Groomsville Popcorn- Kettlecorn

In all honesty, I’m not really a popcorn fan. But my dad’s overarching obsession with buying any popcorn he sees has really paid off. This stuff is GOOD. It’s no coincidence they are closest to where I usually park, either. It’s tradition to grab a bag on my way back to the car to bring back to anyone who didn’t wake up to go to the market with me. And it’s the perfect way to hold yourself over until lunch!

So there you have it, my Five Favorite Finds at the Fishers Farmers Market…. Say that ten times fast! If you have yet to come out and visit the market, I hope this has convinced you. It’s such a fun Saturday morning tradition, and a great way to support your local farmers, bakeries, makers, and business owners! People (I mean, dog) watching, yoga on the lawn, live music, the splash pad, picnics on the lawn, and amazing vendors: what’s not to love?

I’d love to hear who your favorite vendors are this season or answer any questions you may have! You can find me on Instagram or shoot me an email.