During this difficult time, it is more important than ever to support one another and give back to our community. For this reason, Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness has launched the 2,000 Acts of Kindness Challenge, encouraging residents to complete 2,000 acts of kindness by Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, January 18.

So far, over 850 Acts of Kindness have been shared. Read on to see how your neighbors have been spreading kindness #AroundFishers.

Laura Wilford

“Laura has been my daughter’s Girl Scout troop leader for the last six years. She is an outstanding leader in “normal” times, but she has really gone the extra mile during the last nine months by keeping the girls connected and engaged while everyone is at home. Once or twice a month, she prepares a package of materials for each family to pick up, then conducts a meeting over zoom where the girls do crafts, have snacks, and work on patches. The girls always have a blast, and Laura makes it look easy. She is pictured on the computer screen as she guides the girls through making graham cracker gingerbread houses. We appreciate her hard work and being a kindness role model.”

-Nominated by Jessica Rodenberger


Elena Carter

“Elena Carter was so kind and purchased a monitor for my first grade classroom. This allows me to see all the sweet faces on Zoom while using my laptop to teach with. I have never even met Elena- I was blown away by her generosity and kindness.”

-Nominated by MaryClare Valentine


Marie Wright

“Marie developed and led an outdoor chair exercise class when the Fitness Center at Britton Falls was closed this summer during cautionary procedures related to the Covid pandemic. She tailored the exercises to all skill levels. She led exercises three times a week for as long as the weather permitted. She wears the importance of her deep faith outside in her own humble way. She would also lead the exercise group in prayer for one in need. When one of our neighbors was going to have surgery, she phoned them and offered a prayer of support the night before the operation.”

-Nominated by John Schmidtke


Greg Johnson

The Fishers High School Electrum show choir showed their gratitude to their director, Greg Johnson, on a Zoom call last week. It was a very touching moment and I loved watching the kids show an outstanding educator their appreciation”

-Nominated by the Fishers High School Electrum Show Choir

Johanna Strueder

Johanna was home from college and noticed that one of her elderly neighbors didn’t have Christmas lights up this year, when they normally do. She and her brothers decorated the front yard for them. The neighbors said they just didn’t have the energy to decorate this year, and were also afraid to use a ladder to reach the trees.

kaelyn tai

Matt Wallace

“During winter vacation, Matt Wallace, a second grade teacher, met me at the door of Thorpe Creek Elementary, held the door for me, and asked how I was doing following the recent death of my dad. He was wearing his mask and stopped the work he was doing (on his vacation) to hold the door and check on me. His kindness and care made my day!”

-Nominated by Sara Curran


Jamie DeLong

“I am nominating my wife Jamie DeLong. For years, she has put out snack and drink boxes for delivery drivers, postal carriers, and trash collectors during the Christmas season for them to have a pick-me-up while working long hours. This year during the pandemic, she has kept her snacks and drinks out all year to make their day a little better.”

-Nominated by Michael DeLong

Ali Family

Brock Vickery

“I want to nominate my son. He made little gifts to drop off and throughout neighborhood, while dressed up as the Grinch and putting on a show for people and bring them a smile when they saw him on their Ring Doorbell video. He also dressed up as a reindeer along with other neighbors who dressed up as Santa and Mrs. Clause for kids to see Santa and take pictures.”

-Nominated by his mother

Michelle Garrett

“While sitting in the Starbucks line, I looked behind me at a mother and daughter in their vehicle. The mother looked completely drained..she didn’t just want, but needed that cup of coffee! When I got to the window to pay, I paid for her and hopefully put a smile on a mother’s face who probably has a million things weighing on her, much like myself ❤️ One of the many things I enjoy is paying it forward!”

Randy Siebert

Mr. Becker

“My husband is a bus driver for HSE schools. He normally gives out his Christmas treats to the kids on the bus, however, since they are doing e-learning at home, we decided to dress up as Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus and deliver the holiday treats ourselves! We had so much fun and the kids, parents, and family pets loved it!”

-Nominated by Teresa Becker

Randy Siebert

Share Your Act or Nominate Someone for Their Act of Kindness

Residents can submit an Act of Kindness they performed or nominate someone who performed an Act of Kindness and be eligible for a gift card to a local restaurant using this form.

Be sure to share your act of kindness on social media using #FishersKindness and add it to the form to be eligible for a gift card.

The 2,000 Acts of Kindness Challenge directly supports locally owned Fishers restaurants and encourages residents to dine local. The City of Fishers is committing $100,000 in gift cards from locally owned restaurants to distribute to residents for completing and sharing their act of kindness.