Acts of Kindness Completed

Thank You, Fishers!

With your help, Fishers residents rose to Mayor Scott Fadness‘ challenge of completing 2,000 acts of kindness in less than 2 months and surpassed our goal!
Thank you to the 2,000+ residents who shared #FishersKindness in the community or nominated a teacher, friend, neighbor, or family member, and for supporting Fishers’ restaurants through your acts. Our residents make Fishers a better place to live, everyday. THANK YOU!


About the Challenge

During this difficult time, it is more important than ever to support one another and give back to our community. For this reason, Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness has launched the 2,000 Acts of Kindness Challenge, encouraging residents to complete 2,000 acts of kindness by Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, January 18.

Each Fishers resident age 18 years and older who was nominated will receive a gift card to a local restaurant to thank them for their kindness. 

Be sure to share your act of kindness on social media using #FishersKindness and add it to the form to receive a gift card.

The 2,000 Acts of Kindness Challenge directly supports locally owned Fishers restaurants and encourages residents to dine local. The City of Fishers is committing $100,000 in gift cards from locally owned restaurants to distribute to residents for completing and sharing their act of kindness.

Here are some ways that you can spread kindness #AroundFishers:

  • Pay it forward! Buy coffee or lunch for the person behind you in line.
  • Purchase coffee at a local shop for a friend/teacher.
  • Drop off care packages to elderly that can’t leave their homes.
  • Make cards for nursing homes, nurses, elderly neighbors, etc. letting them know you are thinking of them.
  • Shovel a sidewalk or driveway.
  • Post kindness rocks or sticky notes around the neighborhood.
  • Leave a note on somebody’s car telling them how awesome they are.
  • Send gratitude emails or letters to coworkers, friends, etc.
  • While out shopping, wait while someone unloads their cart and then offer to return it.
  • On a morning with frosty windshields, clean off a neighbors car.
  • Allow someone to cut in front of you in the store checkout line.
  • Offer to walk your elderly neighbor’s dog when the weather gets cold or the sidewalks are slick.
  • Count your elderly neighbor into the serving count of what you’re making your family for dinner and deliver them a hot meal.

Safe Dining Tips

Dine safely by taking advantage of services including online ordering, curbside pickup, carryout, drive thru, and delivery. Residents choosing to dine in-person must follow local and state mask mandates and social distancing recommendations. 


Legal Terms of Giveaway

  • Must be resident of Fishers, Indiana and at least 18 years or older to receive gift card.
  • By submitting the form, you agree to let the City of Fishers use your photo and Act of Kindness in marketing material.
  • Residents are not able to pick their gift card/restaurant. No swaps or returns allowed. Gift cards will be mailed to the address provided on the form.