While we look forward to when we can safely return to our weekly group run/walks #AroundFishers, we asked our members to share some of their best winter running tips and favorite routes to get you moving, even in the colder weather.

Winter Running Tips

“If you feel a little cold in the first mile, you’ll feel great by the end! Run into the wind first. Dress in layers, and cover your head and hands before adding layers.” – Allison

“Protect your face, hands, and feet; the rest of your body will survive. And be careful – if you fall and break something, you will probably miss more than the day you should have skipped.” – Steve

“Recycle your newspaper by using it to stuff your wet shoes when you get back from a slushy run.” – Jennifer


Cheeney Creek

“Dress as if the temperature was 10 degrees warmer.” – Jay

“I always carry tissue for a runny nose and Chapstick in case my lips get dry from cold and wind. If you’re racing, think about a “dump” jacket, hat, and gloves.”  – Stacy

“Don’t be afraid of night runs. They can be really beautiful, especially during the holidays. Just be sure to wear proper illumination, including headlamps, lighted vests (Noxgear), and reflective items.” – Tami

“Stay hydrated. With the cold, you tend to not notice the amount of water you’re losing, plus you’re not as hot, so taking water doesn’t seem a priority. Also, watch your footing – there’s lots of hidden dangers under blankets of snow.” – Jason


Favorite Routes #AroundFishers:

“The new Nickel Plate Trail is great along any section! It’s cleared quickly when it snows and it is a quiet, beautiful place to see snow covered trees and birds. For a nature trail, head to Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve for a walk or trail run.” – Allison

“The Cheeney Creek trail is great! It’s a nice run along the creek, there’s a little hidden pond for awesome photo opps, and you’ve gotta love the pretty snow-covered trees.” – Stacy

“When heavy snow covers your usual path, hitting the streets may be your only option to run outdoors. The boulevards through neighborhoods like Windermere, Hamilton Proper, and Sunblest are some of the first to be cleared. But, as always when running in the street, run against the traffic, with no headphones, bright reflective gear, and illumination when its dark.” – Jim

“With members from all over Fishers, we can’t pick a favorite neighborhood, but getting out for a winter lights run at a nice easy pace with a few of your running buddies is a great way to experience holiday spirit of the community.” – Peter

    Brooks School Road

    Fishers Running Club was established in 2017 and has maintained a roster of approximately 200 members for the past couple of years. We are small enough that everyone feels like family and large enough that anyone can find someone at their pace or at the same point in their running journey as them.

    We are a volunteer, not-for-profit club for runners and walkers. We are about community, about getting people moving – no matter how fast – and supporting each other on our journeys. Whether you’re a walker, beginning runner, experienced runner, or elite, we welcome you to Fishers Running Club.

    Guests are always welcomed to join us at one of our group runs to get a feel for the club. All of our events will be listed on our club calendar (once we resume activities under the guidance of the Fishers Health Department) and on our Facebook page. Anyone interested in signing up as a member can join here.