I know what you’re thinking… destress my kids from summer? Well, summer break can be taxing and back to school adds a lot of pressure and anxiety on already exhausted kids. Setting them up for a successful start to a new school year is crucial, so I’ve compiled a few suggestions on how to shake off summer and get ready for school! 

two people climbing a rock wall

1. Get Moving 

Exercise is one of the best destressers for adults, so naturally, moving their bodies is just as helpful for kids!  

2. Nature 

The outdoors is also a natural destresser, so load up the kids and check out one of the awesome outdoor areas in our city. 

a beach
the front desk of code ninjas

3. Use Their Minds 

Help your kids stretch their mind muscles before school starts in one of these fun ways. 

4. Back To School Shopping 

Let’s face it, fresh gear is the best way to make school exciting, so let’s support some local businesses while shopping! 

    the interior of a kids clothing store
    the outside of topgolf

    5. Complete an “End of Summer” Checklist

    My daughter made a (quite extensive) list of summer fun she wanted to accomplish before school starts. Here are just a few of her ideas: 

    I hope these suggestions have been helpful as you gear up for the back-to-school season. They have definitely been crucial for calming the nerves at our house!  

    If you have any other suggestions, I’d love to hear from you at www.instagram.com/talesoftheyales or kellykyale@gmail.com