As October’s chill seeps into the historic grounds of Conner Prairie, residents and visitors alike find themselves asking a spine-tingling question: are the historic buildings of Conner Prairie haunted? While the official stance of Conner Prairie remains neutral, some tales from its long-serving employees might make even skeptics shiver in the fading autumn light. 

Kim McCann, a program developer at Conner Prairie, often encounters curious minds probing about the supernatural occurrences on the property. With a mysterious glint in her eye, she reveals stories whispered by various interpreters and employees over the years—stories that speak of echoes from a distant time that seemingly refuse to fade away. 

In the hallowed halls of the Conner House, particularly during the winter months of the Hearthside program, several employees have reported uncanny experiences. Some claim to have spotted a gentleman draped in a long coat, with a hat casting a shadow over his face, mysteriously appearing either inside the house or wandering the front porch. Equally eerie are tales of a lady with flowing grey locks haunting the upstairs chambers. And while Kim herself has never witnessed this ethereal woman, she recalls being enveloped in an unsettling silence, broken only by distant laughter and song emanating from the upper rooms when no guests were around. Is it the bleating of goats from the nearby barn, or something more spectral? The spine-tingling feeling of unease when multiple people hear these voices simultaneously leaves a haunting impression. 

So, as the autumn winds howl and dead leaves rustle beneath your feet, dare to join the journey into Conner Prairie’s past. Who knows, you might just come face to face with a piece of history that refuses to be forgotten. 🎃👻 

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