There is no doubt that the upcoming arrival of the brand-new Fishers Event Center will bring excitement and fresh energy to the City of Fishers. With an estimated opening time of the end of November to early December 2024, the venue will offer 8,500 seats for the community to enjoy Indy Fuel hockey games, high school graduations, basketball games, concerts, and so much more. 

Mitch List, Fishers Event Center general manager, answered a series of questions regarding his role in this upcoming, action-packed addition to the city. 

Event Center design concept

What led you to your role as general manager of the Fishers Event Center? 

“Here as general manager for the Fishers Event Center, I work for ASM Global, which is the company hired to manage and book the new Fishers Event Center. I’ve been with ASM Global for over a decade and actually started as an intern and just continued to work my way up. Most recently, I’ve been in Knoxville, Tennessee the last seven years as the assistant GM there at the Knoxville Civic Auditorium and Coliseum, so pretty applicable to what we’re doing here.” 

Mitch List headshot

What does a day in your position look like?


“A typical day is kind of all over the place; it really depends on what we have going on that day, whether it’s an event or a day without an event. So, a lot of my time is spent on the booking and marketing side trying to find new shows and entertainment to bring to the Fishers Event Center.” 

Can you describe the Fishers Event Center project? 

“When we open the Fishers Event Center, we expect to have a very well-rounded base of events. We intend to have something for everyone, obviously concerts, family shows, comedy; we’re very excited to have the Indy Fuel as our tenant here at the Fishers Event Center. There’s going to be a big focus on community events here too and a place for Fishers to gather — whether that’s high school graduations, basketball, volleyball — we want this to be a building for the community. We intend to utilize the lawn space as a pre-function prior to events as well as utilizing it for standalone community events.”  

Imagined event center inside
Imagined event center inside

What steps is your team taking to prepare for this addition to the city? 

Right now, a lot of the focus is reviewing construction documents and making sure the building is set up to be in the best position to be booked and utilized to its fullest. And then, working a lot on staffing as right now there’s two of us on the ASM side, but that staffing plan will expand and really speed up as we get closer to the venue opening. And then once we get to the point of opening (the event center), we’re going to focus heavily on events and making sure we’re marketing these effectively, as well as selling tickets and really hosting first-class events with great guest experience as people enter the doors.” 

Current construction progress on event center
Current event center construction progress as of September 2023.
Current construction progress on event center

What else do you want the Fishers community to know about the event center? 

We’re excited to be here in Fishers and be a part of the expansion of the Fishers District and be an entertainment hub for the residents of Fishers. 

List encourages Fishers residents to follow along with the event center’s progress and upcoming events. In the months leading up to the grand opening, his team will be making various announcements over social media. Make sure to follow the event center’s social media accounts — Instagram and Twitter.

Learn more about the Fishers Event Center by clicking here.