Mudsock Youth Athletics (formerly S.P.O.R.T.S.) is a local, community-based, volunteer-run organization offering several different sports to both boys and girls including Baseball/Softball, Basketball, Cheer, Football, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Rugby, Soccer, Track/XC, and Volleyball. 
The organization has been serving families for over 30 years in Fishers and surrounding areas as the primary out-of-school recreational opportunities for youth. They rely on a dedicated base of over 2,000 volunteers, including commissions, board members, and coaches. 

Meet some of Mudsock Youth Athletic volunteer coaches below.  

Jamie Schellhammer

Fishers/HSE Girls Recreational Basketball & HSE Travel 

Why do you volunteer?  

I volunteer to ensure that girls have the same opportunities and equitable treatment as it relates to basketball in Fishers. My oldest daughter played in the recreation league as a 1st grader and had a jersey with a Fishers/HSE logo on it while the boys’ recreation league wore NBA jerseys. The first thing I wanted to do was to make sure that the girls’ recreation program wore WNBA jerseys.  I was able to make that change and all the girls in the recreation program loved them! 

What is your favorite part of the “job”?  

My favorite part of the job is watching young girls develop and enhance their basketball skills and seeing a team gel into one cohesive unit. 

Any memorable/funny moments? 

The players always love participating in championship games at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.  It’s pretty cool that they get to play on the same court as the Fever and Pacers. It’s also cool to coach there! I also held a film session at my home for my 3rd-grade HSE travel team where we ordered pizza and watched one of the prior week’s games. The girls enjoyed seeing themselves on film.

Did you play sports or have hobbies growing up?

I played Basketball and Softball from a young girl through High School.  I also played D1 basketball at Western Kentucky University and was an assistant coach there for 3 years.

Anything else you’d like to add? 

I am a HUGE advocate for girls to play sports. Not only does it keep them active, but it also helps develop skills in teamwork and leadership that will benefit them well into adulthood.

jamie with girl
girls basketball team

Justin Bauerle

Mudsock Youth Soccer, Director of Communications for Mudsock Youth Soccer, 7/8th grade Boys RecPlus Commissioner & Coach 

Why do you volunteer? 

I grew up loving to play soccer and once I realized it was time for me to slow down, I wanted a way to stay on top of my skills. I found the league to start coaching and just got more and more involved as time went on. After every season, it’s the kids and their parents that keep me going! 

What is your favorite part of the “job”? 

I really love watching the league grow and communications become more and more clear. When Im coaching, I can challenge my team and they know it’s to make them better. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing someone excited because we’ve scored a goal after following our game plan very carefully. 


Any memorable/funny moments? 

I had one player on my team last year that had not scored a goal their entire life. By the last game of the season, everyone had except this one player. The team worked really hard and was able to get him set up to score a goal with 5 minutes left of our final game. The thrill on his face was priceless! However, his parents missed it! 

Anything else you’d like to add? 

Youth soccer is one of the most memorable times in my life. When I go back and think about my childhood, I always remember the long weekends of tournaments or the late-night practices to prepare for a tough game ahead. All of our players are at such an impressionable stage in their life, it’s important to make sure this time is enjoyable and not as frustrating.  

Dani Williams, The FIRE Track & Field/XC 

President & Head Coach 

Why do you volunteer? 

I started volunteering three years ago because my middle son, Ryder, wanted to try track & field for a season.  The Fire had opportunities for assistant coaches and parent volunteers and so I thought it would be fun to coach my own kid, but also contribute to the Fishers community of young athletes.  My other two boys were signed up by the very next spring after seeing how much fun Ryder was having during the season. 

t’s competitive and fun!  As I coached the other athletes, I realized how amazing it is to help these kids see their greatness and to help uncover their natural abilities and train them to compete in events specific to their talent. 

What is your favorite part of the “job”? 

I would have to say the excitement on an athlete’s face when they accomplish a personal best is my most favorite! They are SO proud of themselves and it’s awesome to see their friends and family celebrate their personal wins too!

Any memorable/funny moments? 

My favorite memory so far is from the 2019 Track & Field season. We put together a few last-minute relay teams for the 4×100 and 4×400.  Our athletes did not have much time to practice when we decided to register them, but each squad worked hard to learn to pass the baton without dropping it while racing against other teams and maintaining their speed as a whole. Our relay teams could not have performed better in competition, I could not have been prouder. 

Anything else you’d like to add? 

Volunteering has brought a new element of joy into my life.  I have met some of the best people through coaching The Fire. It has helped me connect with my own three boys and has shown me just how important it is to serve in your community. It gives you a chance to be someone that BELIEVES in them.  And, sometimes we may be the only adult in their life at the moment that can make that connection.   


If you are interested in helping build character, leadership, and physical fitness in the youth in our community please consider giving your time on the Mudsock Youth Athletics Board, a league board, or as a coach. Email for more information!