Preserving words and unlocking memories: that’s what we hope to do through the letters written for our Fishers Time Capsule. Over the past few weeks, Fishers residents have spent time writing down their story and best memories of Fishers for those in 2073 to open and read. Life will be so different in 50 years, so we want to make sure the future community if this great city learns and remembers what it was like before them. 

We have a couple of letters to share from some great, Fishers leaders. Beginning with Edra Waterman, the Hamilton East Public Library Director and CEO, shares her hope that the library will still connect the community and thrive as a public service. Her letter is below:

Edra Waterman

To the Fishers residents of 2073:

As I’m writing to you from 2023, I feel excited and hopeful for the future of Hamilton East Public Library. We’re currently nearing the end of renovations that were made with you all in mind and it’s our hope that our community will enjoy our beautiful interior and exterior spaces for years to come.

At Hamilton East Public Library, we aim to be our community’s essential connector to information and ideas. We strive to provide inclusive and accessible services and spaces for the community to discover, grow, gather, explore, create, and be inspired.

Whether you are checking out materials for yourself, a caregiver bringing a child to story time, an entrepreneur utilizing our study space, a teen serving on the Teen Advisory Board, a creative in our Ignite Studio maker space, a volunteer generously giving their time, or just discovering the library as you stroll the Nickel Plate Trail, there is something for everyone at the library. You belong here!

(cont.) I look forward to the library growing alongside the Fishers community over the years. We’re so fortunate to be in this vibrant community located right in the heart of the Nickel Plate District. As you read this in 2073, I am confident that Hamilton East Public Library is still connected and thriving in service to the people of Fishers!

Edra Waterman
Library Director and CEO

Who better to hear the history of Fishers than from our wonderful Hamilton County Historian, David Heighway? His letter is below.

Hello to the Hamilton County citizens of 2073.  I hope that you are enjoying your 250th anniversary celebration and that the citizens of the city of Fishers enjoyed their Bicentennial in 2072.  Re-examining a community’s history on a regular basis is an excellent way to maintain a sense of identity. 

Fishers has a lively and unique history which should be explored and celebrated.  Stretching back to the earliest days of the settlement of the county, there are many stories that can be told – from William Conner to the 1881 Battle of Mudsock to the astonishing growth of the late 20th century.  In all probability, the last half century for you has brought more layers to the story of your city. 

Hopefully, the history that we wrote down has helped you in understanding why your city has grown the way that it has and in your thinking about how you view yourselves.  We tried to find what was important and revealing about people and events in the area.  You probably have better sources of data than we did, so you may have discovered new aspects of your history. 

David Heighway headshot

I hope that the Hamilton East Public Library’s local history section, which we called The Crossroads Discovery Center, was of use to you.  It is meant to be a site for the collection and organization of information about the county.  It’s difficult to imagine how it may have been added to or improved in fifty years. 

Finally, I hope that this history study is part of a life that is healthy and fulfilling for you and that you are looking forward to the future growth of your community.    Best wishes from the past.

David Heighway
Hamilton County Historian

Share the story of Fishers with future residents by writing a letter to be included in our community time capsule to be opened in 2073. Fishers is partnering with Towne Post to curate a community time capsule that will be placed inside the keystone of the new Arts & Municipal Complex. Letters can be delivered in person to the blue mailbox in the breezeway of the Fishers City Services Building (3 Municipal Drive) and lobby for Hamilton East Public Library- Fishers (5 Municipal Drive) or addressed to “Fishers Time Capsule” and mailed to 3 Municipal Drive, Fishers, Indiana 46038 by Friday, June 30. You can also swing by the Fishers Parks booth at the Fishers Farmers Market on June 10 and 17 to write and deliver your letter. Learn more at