I love the many dining options that Fishers has to offer especially for someone like me who loves trying new experiences and finding hidden gems. As our vibrant city grows in population and diversity so do our options of good eats that invite our palettes to try new things. Here are my top seven picks of delicious multicultural meals when you want to spice up your weekly menu!

Thai O’Cha

14096 Trade Center Dr.

Thai flavors and ingredients pack a punch using bold flavors and herbs like lemongrass, fish sauce, and Thai basil. Their curries delicately balances sweet, sour, and savory using a coconut milk base.

Rachel’s Rec: Try their Green Curry with your choice of protein (chicken, pork, beef, or shrimp). It’s creamy, savory, sweet, and fragrant.

Photo Credit: Yelper Sathika R.

a bowl of green curry
meat and veggie platter

St. Yared Ethiopian Cuisine & Coffeehaus

11210 Fall Creek Rd. 

This is a fun and unique dining experience that is generally best to come as a group to share the different meat stews & vegetables family-style. Ethiopian food is usually eaten with your hands (predominantly your right hand), and you use the injera (a spongy Ethiopian flatbread) to scoop and wrap your food.

Rachel’s Rec: Try any of their meat or vegetarian combos to get a sample of different meats and sides. My favorites were lamb, beef, and shrimp!

Al Basha Restaurant & Grocery

11321 Village Square Ln.

Gyros, hummus, and falafels–oh my! You can dine in AND shop around at this Mediterranean restaurant and grocery store. Here you can find spices and ingredients that you most likely won’t find from your local grocer.

Rachel’s Rec: Switch up your weekly chicken dinner with a Mediterranean-style chicken souvlaki!

Photo Credit: Yelper Raena L.

two gyros
mille feuille

I Tre Mori

8220 E 106th St. Suite 200

Get an authentic taste of Italy right in your neck of the woods. Tre Mori may be newer to Fishers, but its owners and their Italian Napolitan pizza have been in our community for years. Their custom-made wood fire oven imported from Italy serves up the most incredible pizzas in just 45 seconds. The owners are welcoming and make you feel like you’re eating at a friend’s house.

Rachel’s Rec: Try the Pizza Melize and do NOT skip dessert. I repeat, do NOT skip dessert. The mille feuille is like eating a cloud layered between light as air puff pastry.

Photo Credit: Yelper Ashlyn W.

India Sizzling

11301 Village Square Lane

If you’re curious about trying South Indian food, you’ll find all you need to taste at India Sizzling. The aroma of all the different spices and curries will greet you before the server does. If you aren’t sure what to order, don’t worry, the staff is very friendly and helpful! They have a wide variety of options especially for those who are vegetarian.

Rachel’s Rec: Order the garlic naan and use it to sop up every last drop of their chicken Tikka Masala.

Photo Credit: Doc L.

garlic naan and chicken tikka masala
a bowl of pho

Pho VN Cuisine

9773 E 116th Street

Nothing beats a warm bowl of Vietnamese pho on a dreary day. It’s Asian comfort food at best. Pho VN serves up authentic Vietnamese dishes like Bahn Mi Sandwich, Bun Rice Vermicelli Bowl, and Pho Noodle Soup.

Rachel’s Rec: Try the pork & shrimp spring roll for appetizers and the Pho New York Steak. The beef slices are thin and tender and you’ll end up slurping down the entire bowl of broth!

Photo Credit: Yelper Srikanth Varma P.

Agave Bar and Grill

8800 North Street

Just walking distance from the Nickel Plate District Amphitheater is Agave Bar and Grill. They serve all your Mexican favorites like street tacos and fajitas, but did you also know they are open for weekend brunch as well? Um, hello chilaquiles, get in my belly. I plan on taking advantage of their outside patio seating before summer’s over!

Rachel’s Rec: Try their Queso Fundido, add shrimp and wash it down with a pitcher of margarita, and you just had yourself the perfect Friday happy hour meal.

Photo Credit: Yelper Kevin R.

queso fundido

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