The weeklong, annual Spark!Fishers festival takes place from Tuesday, June 20 to Saturday, June 24 and includes a 5K, Car and Art Show, street fair, parade, and so much more! New to Spark!Fishers this year is an innovative and entertaining aerial drone show happening at 10 p.m. on Saturday, June 24. We connected with Marty Miller of Mad Bomber Fireworks Productions to learn more about the state-of-the-art drone show that will be the first of its kind in Central Indiana. 

Marty Miller, a Fishers resident of over 20 years, has been working with fireworks for more than 30 years and began working with drones over the last year. Marty explains that working with drones “allows us to not only do some really unique things with fireworks and drones together, but also do shows where fireworks are not preferred, whether that’s because of noise, fire risk, or town ordinance.” 

Drone show, featuring the letters USA

Before the show, each drone is programmed and loaded with a pre-planned GPS waypoint mission base. In order to program each drone, Miller and his team use 3D design software to “create base images or animations of what we want to display. Those base designs are then imported into a proprietary rendering software where the design is pixelated into drone light points,” he explained. Multiple designs can be added into the software. Then, the algorithm plans the GPS missions loaded into each drone based off drone flight limitations like speed and battery life.   

Since most of the hard work is completed before, the team isn’t as busy during the actual show. “Compared to fireworks, it’s very hands off during the show; we hit go and the drones take care of the rest,” says Marty.  

However, working with drones comes with a unique set of challenges as it is a relatively new technology. It requires troubleshooting errors that pop up quickly and constantly checking systems to make sure everything is working correctly. These challenges keep working with drones interesting and exciting as “the entire industry is still figuring out what ‘works’ and what doesn’t,” he said. 

Nighttime photo with drones showing images

Marty enjoys working with drones because of the ability to control more of what the show looks like as opposed to when working with fireworks or lasers. He says, “it’s exciting to be at the beginning of something that is going to really make a mark on the summertime event space for years to come!” 

Check out the drones in action on Saturday, June 24 and visit for more details!

About Marty Miller 

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