We got a chance to speak with members of the community to discuss some of their favorite local businesses and how they and their families like to support shops and restaurants.

CEO, Towne Post Network
“My wife and I love to frequent the local restaurants in our ‘bubble’ around Geist and by our offices in the NPD. Date night spots include Wolfies on the deck, Ale Emporium on their patio, or a high-top at Murphy’s PubHouse. After every deadline at Towne Post, we have a happy hour at Four Day Ray.”

Event Coordinator, Fishers Parks
“My Dad eats breakfast at The Roost every Sunday with me or one of my sisters. He is 91 years old and the staff is always so kind to us. Sahm’s coffee cake is one of our family’s favorite local treats.”

Fishers Ambassador
“My husband and I like to spend our date nights exploring Fishers. On a recent date, we grabbed drinks at Sun King at The Yard at Fishers District, checked out local shops, and ended the night with dinner at Four Day Ray.”

Director of Engineering, City of Fishers
“Every Friday my family orders from Geist Pizza King, and we love the Fishers Farmers’ Market too.”

Fishers Ambassador
“I love how Schoolhouse 7 Café embraces the past and present of Fishers. Whether it’s storytime with my littles or some ‘me’ time to enjoy a coffee and book, there’s always something good brewing at Schoolhouse 7 Café!”

Director, Mudsock Youth Athletics
“Play It Again Sports, run by Fishers resident Dan Gilchrist, supports the Mudsock Youth Athletics leagues. I love purchasing equipment from there to help me play in my adult rec leagues and get workout equipment for my basement.”

Fishers Ambassador
“I really enjoy stops at Schoolhouse 7 Café, where they are just so friendly! Whether it’s sipping a drink while hanging with the kids upstairs, catching up on a book by the cozy fire, or grabbing a lavender latte in the drive through, it’s the perfect way to start or end your day!”

Teacher, Hamilton Southeastern High School & Fishers Arts & Culture Commissioner
“We have a family tradition of going out for a Mexican dinner every Friday, usually at El Camino Real. The staff are super friendly and when my daughter was younger they would teach her how to speak Spanish, as we were all on a first name basis by that point.”

Economic Development Specialist, City of Fishers
“I enjoy stopping by The Well for a cold brew and going to the Fishers Farmers’ Market. Four Day Ray is another favorite, especially during the summer when the outdoor patio is open.”

Fishers Ambassador
“Every Sunday night we rotate between our favorite locally owned restaurants: El Camino, Four Day Ray, Puccini’s, and Thai Sushi House. We have great service and food every time, and we enjoy knowing that our dollars are staying here in Fishers.”