We sat down with Andrew Castner, owner of MashCraft Brewing, along David Halt, Fishers general manager, to learn more about their brews and food.   


MashCraft Brewing was already a popular brewery and dining spot when it made its journey to Fishers, which offers a family-friendly location with a pet-friendly patio off of Allisonville Road. Its first location opened in Greenwood in 2014, and over the years, they’ve expanded to include locations in downtown Indianapolis and Fishers 

Being in Fishers has been a great experience so far for Andrew Castner, owner and brewer at MashCraft. The brewery and restaurant has been incredibly supportive and eager to participate in city events like Spark!Fishers and summer concerts, as well as hosting trivia and live music at the restaurant. 

“We love the surrounding neighborhood, we love the people, and we thought that (Fishers) was a really viable option for us to open our first full restaurant and bring our beer to the northside,” Castner said. 

With beverage and food options galore, kids, adults, and more will love coming to MashCraft for lunch and dinner. 

“We are a family-friendly taproom, complete with a great selection of beer, awesome food, and a welcoming environment for everyone,” Castner said. 

Fishers is a special location for many reasons, including that it’s the only one that serves burgers. The popular entrée has become somewhat of a MashCraft specialty with their Burger of the Month, which is often inspired by the month itself.

“(It’s) kind of whatever moves us,” Halt said in response to how they choose a Burger of the Month flavor. “It really has been a very, very awesome endeavor for us.” 

If burgers aren’t your jam, though, no worries – there are plenty of options available for everyone. 

“Anybody who walks in the door is going to find something great that they’ll enjoy,” Halt said. “[We have] everything from burgers to sandwiches and wonderful cheese curds and tater tots.” 

When it comes to what makes MashCraft special, it really all originates back to the patrons who visit time and time again. 

“What makes MashCraft unique is the overall environment,” Castner said. “It’s the people who come and visit us. It’s also the people that welcome you when you walk in.” 

In the spirit of Shop Fishers, Castner emphasized why it’s important to eat and drink local. “The importance of supporting a local business is in the community aspect,” Castner said. “We can provide an awesome, welcoming environment as long as people will support us in that environment.”