One thing I love about living in Fishers is the many ways in which local businesses seek to reduce their impact on our planet. By minimizing our footprint, we ensure that our world will still be around for our kids and grandkids to enjoy. But it’s not enough to ask the younger generations to take on the burden of fighting for our planet. Businesses have to also be willing to prioritize sustainability and implement eco-friendly practices.

There are so many great places around town that do this in a variety of ways. I’ve compiled a list of just a few local businesses and what sustainable practices they have in place.

 Goodwill Industries

11561 Geist Pavilion Drive, 12727 Parkside Drive, and 7440 Fishers Station Drive

Goodwill is a treasure trove of things waiting for a second life. There are name brand clothes, brand new shoes, toys, housewares, and books… just to start! The Goodwill’s in Fishers are unlike any other locations I’ve been to across the country. The selection is so much nicer and you don’t have to sift through garbage to find something nice. Save some money, support adult education, and save the planet all in one shopping trip.

Simply Chic

7822 E 96th Street

If you are looking for higher-end clothing and accessories, but still want to shop second hand, this is your place. Simply Chic carries designer and higher-end fashion, shoes, jewelry, and more. Shopping here is a great way to keep your style elevated while reducing the demand of new clothing, thus reducing the pollution that comes with clothing manufacturing and transportation.


Pearl Street Pizzeria & Pub

10462 Olio Road

Owner of Pearl Street Pizzeria & Pub Courtney Andrus shared this information with me: “We use biodegradable to-go wares, biodegradable straws made from corn, and we recycle as much as possible. Our bartenders and servers have separate trash receptacles for bottles and cardboard. It has been costly to keep this mission, but we have done so- even during 2020!” An added bonus – my family goes nuts for the cheesy breadsticks. Sustainable and yummy!

girl at ikea


11400 IKEA Way

You can find sustainably-sourced wood and cotton, LED lighting (which uses 85% less energy), products made recycled and renewable materials, low-flow faucets, and even vegan meats at our local IKEA.

This company is an excellent example of sourcing materials sustainably, providing sustainable solutions for their customers, operating their stores with sustainability in mind, and making products that stand the test of time. To top it all off (literally!) IKEA has nearly 4,000 solar panels on their roof, which generate enough renewable energy to power nearly 200 homes.

Four Day Ray

11671 Lantern Road

Four Day Ray is a gastropub in the heart of downtown Fishers, where you can find sustainable options for both drinking and dining. They offer growlers that you can refill anytime at their bar, eliminating waste from beer cans and bottles. (My husband and I get Tracker Jumper IPA, every time!)

After the brewing process, they donate the spent grains to local Indiana farms for animal feed. When dining in, plastic is eliminated by using stainless steel sauce cups and compostable straws. Even their to-go orders are sent off in compostable packaging.


Fishers Flower Farm

This mother-daughter team offers a more sustainable option for fresh florals. Mackenzie explains, “80% of cut flowers sold in the US are imported from countries with unfair labor practices and unregulated chemicals. We are reducing our community’s carbon footprint by providing locally-grown flowers. We also avoid single-use plastic or styrofoam, which are both very common in the floral industry, and instead use biodegradable materials like Kraft paper and natural twine.”

The Well Coffeehouse

8890 E. 116th Street

If fair trade, sustainably sourced, and unique coffee options is what you’re after… The Well is your place. If a non-profit coffee shop who uses all proceeds to provide clean drinking water for thousands of communities all over the globe is what you’re after… The Well is also your place. Every delicious and creative coffee you order here helps to provide safe water for those who need it most. I’ll take a large Georgia On My Mind, please!


These are just a few examples of the many businesses around Fishers that have taken steps to provide cleaner products to customers, reduce their carbon footprint, or focus on eco-friendly operations. It’s so refreshing to see the shift in mindset, even among businesses, from convenience to environmental consciousness. But the buck doesn’t stop there; it is up to us as consumers to validate their efforts. Remember, we vote with our dollars! So let’s vote for a cleaner tomorrow by supporting these businesses!

If you know of a business in Fishers that has eco-friendly or sustainable practices, please share them with me at I am always looking to support companies that value our planet!