Interrupting Racism is a training session by Soul Focused Group, a social change and leadership development consulting company. The purpose of this training is to address the realities of systemic racism in America, both historical and present-day.

Last weekend, I was able to secure a spot and attend Interrupting Racism and I’m excited to share my experience.

This virtual, all-day session was very impactful and insightful. It was truly powerful, and I recommend everyone set aside just one day for this incredible workshop.

This transformative training will allow you to have access to many of the key ingredients needed to acknowledge, examine, and interrupt racism.

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Build & Develop Respectful Connections

This interactive training provides an amazing platform where you can communicate with members of our very own community in a respectful environment. I was grateful to attend with such a diverse group of individuals: from an elderly couple who foster children, to entrepreneurs, parents, and youth coaches… all seeking ways to make change in the community.

Examine Our Country’s Historical Roots

During the training, you’ll understand why racism exists by examining its history. I really enjoyed the break-out sessions where we were given specific events in history and researched as a group. This open discussion provided a great opportunity to hear various points of views and perspectives as well as individual experiences and upbringing.

Be Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Conversations about racism can be difficult, but it’s time we step out of our comfort zones. It’s time we start being aware and open to the idea that change is needed.

Interrupt Old Habits

Implicit biases are ingrained in our habits. This training will help you uncover racial blind spots and explore previously unknown biases.

Journey of Self-Discovery

There is major power in awareness and by looking inside, we will begin to make the necessary changes we need on the outside. The journey to self-discovery happens when you stop following the opinions of family, friends, or peer pressure and begin to uncover your feelings, abilities, and true character.

The City of Fishers has several virtual training sessions still available. Click here to sign up to help dismantle racism in our community.

“Racism ends when human solidarity begins.”