Breathtaking surroundings, an overwhelming sense of community, and the chance to reach your fitness goals are just a few of the reasons to participate in the 15th annual Geist Half Marathon & 5K on Saturday, September 16. This year’s Geist Half Marathon & 5K races feature the iconic scenic courses across Geist Reservoir and a new 5K course through the Geist Waterfront Park. The stunning views of Geist Reservoir and community support throughout Geist neighborhoods make the preparation and hard work more worthwhile.  

And with family-friendly, walker-friendly courses and a fun post-race party, there’s no reason not to participate in this beloved community tradition!  

Here are five of the must-see stops along the race routes to create additional excitement for race day:  

conner prairie hot air balloon

Olio Road Bridge

The bridge over Olio Road on the east side of the reservoir near the new Geist Waterfront Park, serves as the starting and finishing point for both races. There’s truly nothing like racing to the finish across the water, alongside thousands of fellow runners and walkers. From the bridge, you may see kayakers and boaters enjoying the day on the water (and cheering you on!)  

Ambassador House with trees

Geist Waterfront Park

The newly opened Geist Waterfront Park is the newest feature of the 5K course. The 70-acre waterfront park features a sand beach, playground, kayaks and paddleboards, trails, and shelters. In addition to the beach, pay attention to the sounds of local wildlife. Will you hear a gray catbird or a killdeer? 

Geist Marina Bridge

At the bridge near Geist Marina, be on the lookout for boats of all sizes entering and exiting the marina and grabbing food from waterside restaurants. This is a perfect selfie opp, with some of the most beautiful views of the reservoir. For our food lovers, be sure to grab a bite to eat at one of the marina’s many restaurants, including Puccini’s, Wolfie’s Grill, and Eddy’s. Whether it is before the race to fuel up, or a post-race celebratory meal, you can’t beat the quality food paired with scenic views.  

Nonie Werbe Sign

Cambridge Gazebo

The Geist Half Marathon was created by a group of Geist Reservoir residents passionate about health, wellness, and community building, so it’s only fitting that the course runs through Geist neighborhoods, including Cambridge, Windermere, and Hamilton Proper. When racing through the winding streets of Cambridge, be sure to look past the charming white gazebo and admire the view of the reservoir among gentle rolling hills. At this point of the course, you will be sure to feel the welcoming support of the community cheering you on to victory. 

Riverside Woods trail path

Fall Creek & Brooks School Road Roundabout

The roundabout at Fall Creek and Brooks School  showcases a prominent icon of Geist Reservoir. The large sailboat structures centered at the roundabout serve as a tangible reminder of Geist Reservoir’s influence on the Fishers community and is another great selfie spot for racers. Surrounding local businesses like Geist Coffee, are great spectator spots where family and friends can cheer you on. The wooded area and walking trail around the roundabout near the Indianapolis Sailing Club offer a beautiful change (and shade!) and invite you can enjoy the preservation of nature around the reservoir.  

Be sure to, secure your spot in the Geist Half Marathon & 5K here. The beauty of the course and the opportunity to experience a genuine sense of community are even more reason to participate in this iconic event. Secure your spot at the starting line today!