Marc Walter, a local volunteer at Fishers Parks’ Maker Playground, has been lending a hand in his community for close to 31 years. Now retired, he graduated from Purdue University with his master’s where he then went on to pursue a full career in the pharmaceutical industry. 

As a father of four children, Walter has had the opportunity to be a part of a plethora of community, school, and athletic organizations. From scout’s camping trips to coaching, he has explored just about every avenue available. 

“I volunteered for boy scouts and soccer coaching,” Walter said. “Although, I was a horrible soccer coach. The only time that my team won was the day I wasn’t there.” 


Although soccer coaching may not have been his strongest accomplishment, getting to work with students and adults of all ages has left a mark far more impactful. “There has been a couple of times when kids would ask me about problems and I’d try to advise them, and that really sticks with you.” 

Currently, Walter volunteers at the Fishers Maker Playground, Fishers Parks’ community makerspace, where he assists with birdhouse building. He also volunteers weekly with Youth Mentoring Initiative (YMI) and mentors children at the intermediate school. On top of his weekly volunteer commitments, he is also a member of two community bands and is very involved with the Central Indiana Bicycling Association (CIBA). 

Volunteering is a vital part of what helps organizations like the Maker Playground and community organizations run smoothly.  

“There is a tremendous number of organizations that need volunteers,” he explained, and there are several opportunities for individuals in the community to make a difference.  

With many events and activities happening after the pandemic, there has never been a better time to lend a hand. Walter says, “The extra zest to life is through the volunteer organizations.” 



Favorite Fishers Park: Cumberland Park 

Favorite way to spend a Saturday: A bicycle ride.