September 15 to October 15 is National Hispanic American Heritage Month, and to celebrate, we sat down with Hamilton Southeastern High School’s Latino Student Union (LSU). Made up of students and their advisors, Mindy Baker and Tricia Laughlin, the club celebrates the Hispanic culture, hosts events and outreach opportunities, and volunteers throughout the area.  
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Here’s what students involved with LSU shared about the importance of the club: 

“I think that it is important to have the Latino Student Union at HSE because it teaches a lot of people about Hispanic heritage, while you’re making new friends and having fun. It also helps students who only speak Spanish and arrive from different countries feel comfortable and at home with people who can understand them in a school that speaks English.  

We have a lot of cool events planned for this year. Our first event was September 16, and it was a movie and game night. It was great you could see everyone’s smile through their masks. Everyone came together and were playing games, it felt like we had known everyone for years!”  

– Anabella Trujillo 

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“The HSE Latino Student Union changed my life in many ways. When I first came to this country, I thought I was never going to see my friends or my family again, and that I was never going to feel at home again. However, as soon as I got to high school things changed a lot for me. I found many teachers I could rely on, but most of all, I found my best friends in Latino Student Union. This is way more than a club; this is a family.”  

-Erika Islas Barraza

“The Latino Student Union has helped me embrace my heritage through our volunteer opportunities, events, and more than anything, the people. Coming into my junior year I had never been deeply involved with a club, always just a ‘member.’ This changed when I joined LSU, and I have a real passion and enjoyment being part of such a welcoming club.  

LSU has given me a small community to relate to and share common interests with. Not only is it a club with the purpose of sharing the Latin American culture, but it was also founded to be an opportunity to meet new people, develop friendships, and brings people of all walks of life together in one big group.” 

-Isabella Perez 

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Learn more about the HSE Latino Student Union on their Instagram.