Cows and horses and sheep… oh my! These are just three of the multiple animals that live at the Fishers AgriPark (11171 Florida Road). 

Since 2020, the Fishers AgriPark has created a space to recognize Fishers’ agricultural roots. The 33-acre urban farm featuring public fields and gardens managed by Fishers Parks offers livestock encounters and you-pick opportunities for Fishers residents. From educational series to agricultural-themed summer camps, public programming at the Fishers AgriPark is rooted in farm operations and agriculture in our community, the state, and the United States. 

 With that, having animals around the AgriPark educates community members on the different ways animals help around a farm. 

cow standing in field


Cattle at the AgriPark are beefdairy cross Holstein cows. Holsteins are known to have one of the highest milk productions in the world. Moreover, Holstein cattle are adaptable to different living and management systems. They are suitable to be stabled, grazing, kept on grassland, or in mixed farming systems. These cattle are versatile in either milk or beef production, adaptable, and easy to handle. 

horse in field

Meet Spirit

Spirit is the 8-year-old Rocky Mountain horse on the AgriPark property. Rocky Mountain horses can live up to 35 years and can be as tall as 64 inches. They are widely used for competitive riding and family use and have a very clear, four beat, single-foot gait. 

pig next to fence

Meet Otis

Otis is a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig who may come by if you call him by name. Pot-bellied pigs have short ears and snouts as well as a large, drooping abdomen. They are commonly used as domestic pets. 

goat sitting on hay

Meet Ricky Bobby

Ricky Bobby is a Nigerian dwarf goat that often wanders around the AgriPark. Nigerian dwarf goats are domesticated as dairy goats and are known as friendly, gentle, and calm creatures. Ricky Bobby can be found eating a fresh pile of hay and climbing onto anything he can latch his hooves to! 

group of sheep in field

Meet the AgriPark Sheep

At the AgriPark, there is one ram, three ewes, and a lamb who was born in April 2022. Rams are adult male sheep and ewes are adult female sheep. Lambs are babies which are born around March to May. A typical day in the life for these sheep include running around the farm and eating lots of food. 


Meet the AgriPark Chickens

The AgriPark has a variety of chickens, but most are leghorns. Leghorns are known to be the best egg-layers and frequently lay eggs at the AgriPark! 

To learn more about the Fishers AgriPark, its animals, you-pick opportunities, and educational programs, visit the website, and follow the AgriPark on Facebook and Instagram. The AgriPark’s summer hours are Tuesdays – Wednesdays: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., and Thursdays – Saturdays: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.