The Fishers AgriPark, located at the corner of 113th Street and Florida Road, is now home to new HSE Teacher-in-Residence, Brooke Daniel. The 33-acre public farm owned and managed by Fishers Parks will soon be a hub for study trips among students, with Daniel to guide them on their journey.

a woman standing in front of a field of corn smiling

Daniel began her teaching career 14 years ago. She spent seven years in Wayne Township and then the last six right here with Hamilton Southeastern Schools. Although those years were spent in a traditional classroom setting, she is no stranger to the outdoor learning environment. “I’ve always been a big advocate for experiential learning and letting kids really get their hands on what they’re learning,” Daniel said. These students will get to do just that.

a red truck in the middle of a field

When the students first arrive, they will start at the barn. On a typical day, there will be a quick mini-lesson, and then the kids will be sent off to different parts of the farm to study everything from plant adaptations, lifecycles, and structures to animal parent-offspring. This incorporation of curriculum content and learning in the real-life farm setting is what Daniel describes as a “dream come true.”

Daniel, a Ball State grad, grew up north of Fishers in Kokomo, Indiana. It was there that her love of the outdoors and farming was fostered. “I loved being outside as a kid,” Daniel said, “so if I got to show up to a farm, get off the bus, come out here, walk the fields and see the animals I think I would have eaten it up.”

a landscape of a farm

The Fishers AgriPark program will provide a variety of subjects for students to explore. “I think it’s valuable when you can connect math, science, and reading across content,” Daniel said. Seeing how each topic interrelates to the others is a skill that kids will get to develop during their time at the park. Daniel’s passion for her students and the outdoors is sure to make this school year a memorable one.


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