This past weekend Maker Playground hosted the regional Make48 competition sponsored by Corteva Agriscience and provided teams with space and tools to manufacture a prototype solution to a real-world problem. Teams at last weekend’s competition included family members, college classmates, makerspace creators, and robotics teachers. You can read more about each team’s unique qualifications at Make48 Indianapolis. 

teams gathered in lobby
teams listening to instruction

Because PBS covers Make48 as part of a docuseries, we’re not able to announce the challenge topic or competition winners but encourage you to catch up on the latest episodes. 

Once presented with this year’s challenge from Corteva Agriscience, teams had 48 hours to make their solution. Along the way teams completed interviews with Make48’s production team, received an introduction to the patent process, and met with industry mentors, graphic designers, and video specialists. These steps helped illustrate an inventor’s approach to a business endeavor and prepared teams to pitch their idea.  

teams working at tables
group of people listening to competitor

Local and regional Tool Techs, craftsmanship professionals who can build, print, and weld teams’ ideas into final form, managed the construction phase. Make48 features a team of traveling Tool Techs and recruited several more from Fishers and Indianapolis. Maker Playground’s staff also took turns performing that role. 

Stay tuned to the Make48 website for a sizzle reel from this year’s competition at Maker Playground. You can also find a recap of last year’s competition here. Episodes are airing now on PBS so check your local station for scheduling details.   


Make48’s mission is to provide everyone with the platform to transform their idea into a reality. Anyone can create a prototype regardless of industry training, machine experience, or hands-on knowledge. Make48 is a passionate team of people working to connect real-world invention needs with makers and thinkers to create a runway for entrepreneurial innovation.