Summer is my favorite time of the year, but oh boy, is it hot! I love to spend the days outside and cool off with an icy treat. I’ve compiled a list of 6 of my favorite places in Fishers to keep you cool this summer. Check out these local businesses #AroundFishers for some of my favorite treats.

Ohana Donuts & Ice Cream
I visited Ohana Donuts recently for the first time and was very impressed! It’s such a cool experience because you get to design your own donut. When you walk in, you fill out a sheet with the type of icing (caramel, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, maple, lemon, or glaze) and then the topping, which can be anything from rainbow sprinkles to Fruity Pebbles or bacon bits. There is something for everyone! I ordered a glazed donut with chocolate sprinkles and paired it with a vanilla iced coffee. It was a great treat after a walk in Brooks School Park to see the Fishers Art Wall.

Tropical Smoothie Café 
Tropical Smoothie Café is my favorite smoothie place in Fishers! I love this option because nothing tastes better after a workout than an icy smoothie. I’m a sucker for green smoothies, so I always get the Island Green (made with spinach, kale, mango, pineapple, and banana). It is so refreshing and full of nutrients, it’s even called a superfood smoothie! They have all kinds of smoothies and even simpler options for children, as well as actual food options. Tropical Smoothie Café has icy treats for all ages to enjoy on a muggy summer day.

Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream is a staple in #FishersIN. I have never met someone who doesn’t like Handel’s.  My favorite icy treat to get here is the raspberry sorbet. Whenever I’ve been outside, sorbet always sounds so good! It is such a light option that doesn’t leave me feeling too full.  I highly recommend any flavors of their sorbet if you have never ordered it before.

Schoolhouse 7 Café 
Schoolhouse 7 Café is a coffee shop in Fishers and one of my favorites for many reasons. I love supporting local businesses and try to go there as often as I can! Schoolhouse 7 has a rustic coffee house vibe with great seating options and a beautiful two-story patio, which is great for a summer morning. When I come here, I order an iced latte. They also have an amazing coffee cake option which is perfect for a grab-and-go on my way to work. I love coming here because of its history. This coffee shop used to be a schoolhouse and because of its name, all the pricing on the menu ends in a “7.” It’s a great addition to Fishers, and the perfect spot for an icy treat early in the morning.

If you’re looking for something different than your basic ice cream shop, you should check out Rita’s Italian Ice. They are made fresh daily with real fruit and have so many flavor options. Some of my favorites are lemon, mango strawberry, raspberry, and watermelon. It is so refreshing on a hot summer day and there is sure to be a flavor that suits your taste buds! Recently, I ordered a gelati with root beer Italian ice and vanilla frozen custard on top. It was absolutely amazing, and they always have great customer service!