There are so many ways we can all work to keep our city clean and gorgeous on a daily basis. 

1. Reusable Water Bottles

 Single use plastic water bottles are often disposed of incorrectly, lost, left behind, or blown away in the wind. By carrying a reusable water bottle, all of that plastic trash is eliminated from our parks and roadways.  

2. Carpooling

Instead of “I’ll meet you there,” try “Let’s drive together!” By reducing the number of cars on our streets, we not only lighten traffic, but we also reduce the air pollution in our city. Plus, it’s a great way to spend extra time with a friend!  

reusable water bottle
fall plants

3. Add Plants & Flowers to Your Yard

Flowers are beautiful to look at, of course, but plants also clean the air we breathe by turning carbon dioxide into oxygen. Plants, flowers, and trees make our yards and common areas look lush and lively and fresh air is priceless.

4. Clean Up Your Yard & Neighborhood Common Areas

Remove dead tree limbs, trim overgrown bushes, pick up any litter, and pull weeds in your garden beds and sidewalk cracks. In the winter, keep your driveway and sidewalks cleared of snow. The little ones walking to the bus stop will appreciate it, trust me.  

5. Stop Smoking

Not only will your health improve, but think of all the discarded cigarette butts you’ll be eliminating. It seems like those little guys are dropped anywhere and everywhere, littering our parks, sidewalks, and roadways.  

6. Pick Up After Your Pets

Need I say more? Left behind pet waste is unacceptable.  

7. Organize a Neighborhood Cleanup Day

Many hands make light work! Get to know your neighbors while doing your part to keep your neighborhood free of dead shrubbery, trash and debris, and lost or left behind items. The City of Fishers has a great program called Neighborhood Blitz Boxes that makes this easy – you can just fill out the form and get a clean up kit and 20-yard dumpster delivered to neighborhood.

8. Plogging

This was all the rage last year, but no one says it can’t continue! Plogging is a mix of picking up trash and jogging (or walking), combining exercise and civic duty. Get a group of friends, go alone, or get your kids involved to make it a family affair. It’s never too early to teach them to respect our city and our environment! 

Do you have a favorite way to Keep Fishers Beautiful? Did you try one of these suggestions? Please reach out and share your tips or tell me how your clean up went by finding me on Instagram