For Fishers Volunteer Appreciation, the City of Fishers celebrates some of the amazing volunteers who served over 100 hours. These volunteers donate their time and energy to make a difference within the community. From volunteering with the Fishers Health Department to helping at Fishers Parks events, check out how Fishers residents make an impact on our community.

Meet Olive Hwang

Olive Hwang, photographed below, is a medical student and volunteered for the Fishers Health Department vaccine clinics and at the COVID-19 testing site. As a medical student, Olive feels “it is my responsibility to help look after the well-being of my community. I saw the opportunity to assist the Fishers Health Department, and it sounded like a great way to make a difference while also gaining clinical experience.”

Volunteering enabled Olive to meet community members in a fun and interactive way,and she believes these interactions to be invaluable in her medical training. “All of us have taken part in activities or events made possible by the work of volunteers. By volunteering locally, we can return the favor and bring some extra joy into people’s lives.”

Headshot of Olive Hwang

Meet Reece Chaney

Reece Chaney, photographed below, caught an interest in volunteering through a Fishers Parks advertisement and local word of mouth. Reece volunteers as a station leader for the Fishers Maker Playground’s 5th grade study trips. After meeting master teacher Jennifer Suskovich, his commitment was solidified. “This program is exceptional with the strong support of Fishers Parks, Nick Snyder, and many others. I feel honored to be a part of it.”

The benefits of volunteering have not gone unnoticed by Reece. He states: “Volunteering is important because I am familiar with the research which demonstrates the physical, mental, and other benefits derived from volunteering.”


Reece helping students use wood tools

Meet Marc Walter

Marc Walter, a local volunteer at Fishers Parks’ Maker Playground and featured below, has been lending a hand in his community for close to 31 years. Marc has three pillars for his retirement activities: fitness, music, and volunteering. He uses, a hub for volunteer opportunities available within the City and at local organizations around Fishers, to find positions that intrigue and interest him, including the Maker Playground, YMI, the Nickel Plate Trail, Spark!Fishers, and Indiana Prevention. His volunteer contributions also spread farther than Fishers to include the Central Indiana Bicycling Association, Cycling Without Age, and other opportunities with his four children. Learn more about Marc’s volunteer efforts at

Marc’s favorite volunteer opportunity is at the Fishers Maker Playground. “I am able to provide a hands-on opportunity for 5th graders to work with wood, hammers, nails, screws, drills, and glue. They apply classroom principles of measuring and calculating to real world projects. Most days, I’m able to work one-on-one with the students when they need extra help.”

Marc states that volunteering serves many benefits. “I provide services to enrich our community. I can make friends that share goals, and I get to see how things work from the inside of the organization and better understand how they work. I feel closer to our community because I own the process of making it better. As a senior and retiree, this is a way to feel like I’m still contributing.”

    Marc Walter standing

    Meet Alan Taber

    Alan Taber began seeking out volunteer opportunities after retiring in October of 2020. After being offered the opportunity of early retirement, Alan knew he was not ready to “retire from life.” He has previously participated in the White River Cleanup, but the bulk of his volunteer hours have been split between the Department of Engineering, Fishers Parks’ Maker Playground and the Department of Planning and Zoning.

    Alan feels that the most fulfilling part of volunteering is “how much more I get out of each experience than I put into it.” He believes that volunteering provides a sense of well-being and purpose, allowing individuals a charitable way to give back to the community we call home.

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    Meet Deanna Kent

    Deanna Kent began volunteering at an early age. As a child, she would join her mom on her volunteer opportunities and interact with people of all ages and demographics. The enjoyment she had working with her mom has stuck with her over the years since then.

    Throughout her educational years and career, she has volunteered in the community both in Michigan and Indiana. Recalling early experiences, she says, “Gaining new skills, making new friends, improving confidence and helping or teaching others were invaluable to me.  Now retired, I am delighted to be working with other volunteers and staff during the school year on the 5th Grade STEM Program.”

    Deanna was inspired to start volunteering in Fishers during the time COVID-19 first struck the community, and the Fishers Health Department was looking for volunteers to help with inoculations. Knowing this was something she could help with, she decided to sign up on the volunteer website.

    In addition to the FHD COVID vaccination program, Deanna has participated in a number of other volunteer opportunities, such as the Maker Playground tents at the Fishers Farmers Market, elementary school Math and Science night, Noblesville Downtown Arts Festival, and the HSE 5th Grade STEM Activity field trips at the Maker Playground. 

    The most fulfilling part of volunteering at the Maker Playground is when Deanna gets to see the kids at the end of class. She is energized by their reactions and how proud they feel when they are showing off what they have accomplished.

    With 29 years as a Fishers resident, Deanna feels volunteering is a vital part of community building. “There are many opportunities available; whether you share your knowledge to help others or learn new skills in the process, the experience is rewarding both physically and mentally.  When people come together for a common goal, our community and its residents prosper.”

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