From now until December 31, explore the arts in Hamilton County with Visit Hamilton County’s Doable and Viewable Art Pass! The mobile exclusive pass features a collection of attractions, retailers, deals to redeem, and a guide to public art. When visiting public art included on the pass, check in on the app. After seven check-ins, you will earn a frameable Gabriel Lehman print!

While this pass features art all throughout Hamilton County, we have put together a list of some of the best Fishers public art pieces included on the pass!

Blazing the Trail mural

Blazing the Trail

Blazing the Trail, painted by Indiana artist Becky Hochhalter, is located on the back of the Fishers Police Department parking garage and faces the Nickel Plate Trail. This mural features the Bell Ford Bridge, the logos of Hamilton Southeastern and Fishers High Schools, and other iconic Fishers landmarks. Additionally, the mural pays tribute to K9 Officer Harlej who was killed in the line of duty in 2019.

I in Fishers on Pavilion

“I in Fishers”

The “I in Fishers” mural was brainstormed by students from a 2018-2019 fourth-grade class at Harrison Parkway Elementary. This mural features the Fishers and HSE High School mascots, state flower, waterways of Fishers, state bird and other symbols of the city. This mural is interactive and is the perfect photo for your Instagram feed!

Blue Rose mural on Handel's wall

Blue Rose Junction

Located outside of Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream, this 18-foot mural, from artist Craig Martin, features a large blue rose with multicolor swirls. This abstract mural is meant to symbolize a community reaching out to gather all citizens together.

Greetings from Fishers mural on 116

Greetings from Fishers

Twin brothers Casey and Corey Wilkinson hand-painted this 24 x 30-foot mural on the side of one of the oldest buildings in Fishers. The mural features Mayor Scott Fadness, Fishers’ Economic and Community Development Director Megan Baumgartner, a tribute to Conner Prairie, town founder Salathiel Fisher and so much more! Check out this mural as you walk along the Nickel Plate Trail at 8684 E. 116th Street.

Straight-on Monon featuring the train

Straight-On Monon

Artist Jacque Hammonds designed this colorful traffic signal box to feature the Monon Train, one of her favorite things as a resident of Fishers. One side of the box features the red southbound train, and the other side features the black northbound train. The engines meet in the middle through a silhouette of Fishers on the west side of the box.

Register for Visit Hamilton County Tourism’s mobile pass and learn more about public art pieces you can view and experience here. Don’t forget to claim your prize after seven check-ins and share your favorite art pieces around Fishers with us!