With that chilly crisp air outside, the vibrant autumn leaves on full display, and pumpkin scents filling the air, fall is by far my favorite season. Along with the festive décor, warm scarves, and my favorite candles, there’s just something about fall that makes me want to cozy up with a good beverage.

A few weekends ago, my husband and I ventured out to some of our favorite spots in Fishers to make our own Fall Beverage Trail. Keep reading below for our top picks of the season, and as always, please remember to drink responsibly!

The Well Coffeehouse

My family and friends know me as a pumpkin fanatic, so imagine my delight when I found out The Well has a pumpkin spice latte of their own? The Somethin’ Pumpkin drink is a latte made with ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon, and of course, pumpkin. I ordered mine iced, but they have a hot option available, as well. I thought it was spicier than my usually PSL at Starbucks, but I enjoyed the different flavors (especially the added hint of ginger), and supporting a small business is always a plus for me.

somethin' pumpkin

Sun King Brewery

While I tend to venture toward beer at Sun King, I couldn’t resist the new Pumpkin Pie Slushie. And, I wasn’t disappointed. With both bourbon and rum mixed in, this delicious, creamy drink is more like dessert, but with a kick! It tasted just like the pumpkin pie that my grandma makes for Thanksgiving (it’s even topped with a dollop of whipped cream!).

My husband went the beer route and opted for the King’s Reserve Caramel Apple Tripel. One of their higher alcohol beers, we were both pleasantly surprised at the balance of flavors. On the nose, it smells like a cup of apple cider, but on first sip you can really taste the caramel flavors coming through. This is the perfect drink to sip on a chilly, fall night.

If you’re looking for something lighter on the palate, try their Harvest Hefeweizen, a traditional German-Style Wheat Ale with notes of banana and clove.

caramel apple tripel
pumpkin pie slushie

101 Beer Kitchen

I had only been to 101 Beer Kitchen once since their opening last year, so I was excited to go back and try out their new fall cocktails. They have several seasonal drinks available (as well as a great selection of beer), but my husband and I both knew exactly what we wanted as soon as we saw the menu.

I chose the Falling Mule, which is a delicious blend of spiced rum, lemon-vanilla syrup, ginger beer, and cinnamon. I loved this different take on the typical mule, and the spiced rum, lemon, and cinnamon complemented each other well without being overly sweet.

If you’re a bourbon fan, you have to try the Fig Smash. My husband really enjoyed this drink, concocted with Knob Creek Rye Bourbon and fig-honey and cranberry puree. He said it had the perfect amount of sweetness from the fruit yet balanced with a good bite from the bourbon.

Food break! If you’re in the mood for lunch or dinner, I strongly recommend the Blackened Salmon Sandwich to accompany your cocktails – the flavors were spot on and the fish was cooked to perfection.

falling mule
fig smash

Four Day Ray Brewing 

Now, I know I said I’m all for pumpkin spice and everything nice, but I have to admit that I’ve had a hard time finding a pumpkin beer that I love. Enter Four Day Ray’s Pumpkin Pi – by far my favorite pumpkin beer from any local brewery. With the perfect blend of spices and pumpkin goodness, you can really taste all the flavors in this one. You can even order it with a cinnamon sugar rim if you’re feeling extra festive!


pumpkin pi