ffes award ceremony

On February 17, 2023, the City of Fishers Fire and Emergency Services Department (FFES) held its annual awards ceremony, a prestigious event that honors the courage, commitment, and outstanding service of its members. This year, the ceremony was not just about recognizing achievements; it was a profound testament to the spirit of community, dedication to public service, and personal journeys of remarkable individuals who go above and beyond in their duty to Fishers and its residents. 

kevin broslma accepting award

Kevin Broslma: Fishers’ Firefighter of the Year 

Kevin Broslma, whose name has become synonymous with dedication and community service, was named Fishers’ Firefighter of the Year. Kevin’s journey with the Fishers Fire and Emergency Services Department is a testament to his unwavering commitment and passion for his work. As a resident of Fishers, Kevin’s connection to the community goes beyond the call of duty. His perspective as both a firefighter and a neighbor provides him with a unique insight into the needs and challenges of the community. Kevin reflects on his recognition with humility, expressing gratitude for the opportunities provided by the department.  

“The sky is the limit,” he says, emphasizing the endless possibilities for growth and development within the department. For Kevin, the joy of serving comes from helping not just any community, but his community. Whether it’s assisting friends, family, or neighbors, Kevin is dedicated to serving Fishers.” 

danny ebbert accepting award

Lieutenant Danny Ebbert: Officer of the Year

Lieutenant Danny Ebbert, an esteemed member of Engine 391’s B Shift, received the Office of the Year award, recognizing his remarkable 9-years as an officer and 19 years of diverse service within FFES. His dedication extends beyond his role on the engine, as he is instrumental in training logistics, creating prop training courses for recruits, and ensuring seamless integration with the department’s operations. Lt. Ebbert’s understanding of the department’s roles and challenges makes him a pivotal figure in facilitating smooth transitions for all members, showcasing his leadership and commitment to excellence. 

christopher jessee accepting award

Chris Jessee: Rookie of the Year

For Chris Jessee, being named Rookie of the Year is not just an award; it is a symbol of respect earned through hard work and dedication. Joining FFES in June 2022, Chris’s journey reflects a lifelong dream to serve as a firefighter paramedic, a dream that FFES helped realize. His recognition is particularly meaningful as it was witnessed by his family, serving as a reminder of the importance of continuous hard work and humility. Chris’s story is a testament to FFES’s commitment to both emergency medical services and firefighting, underscoring the department’s high standards and supportive brotherhood. 

joe goad accepting award

Joseph (Joe) Goad: Jeannie Clark EMS Provider of the Year

Joseph Goad’s path to becoming the Jeannie Clark EMS Provider of the Year is a story of perseverance, mentorship, and dedication to service. Struggling initially to become an EMT, Joe’s journey was marked by challenges that he overcame with the support of mentors and instructors. His transition from an EMT student to a paramedic and then to a mentor for others embodies the spirit of giving back and the cycle of learning and teaching that is vital to the profession. Joe’s award is a tribute to all those who helped him along the way and a reflection of his commitment to passing on his knowledge and skills to the next generation. 

The annual awards ceremony of the Fishers Fire and Emergency Services Department is more than an event; it is a celebration of the individuals who make Fishers a safer, more compassionate community. The stories of Kevin Broslma, Lieutenant Danny Ebbert, Chris Jessee, and Joseph Goad highlight the diverse paths to service and the shared commitment to excellence that defines FFES. As we honor these heroes among us, we are reminded of the power of community, the importance of mentorship, and the enduring impact of dedicated service on the lives of all residents of Fishers.