The Fishers Farmers’ Market has been a long standing favorite of mine. If you know me or have followed my writings, you know that I value shopping small and shopping local.

But what do you do when the season turns and the Summer Market has ended? Or maybe you had to miss out on the Summer Market due to COVID-19 concerns and you are looking for a way to support local farmers without putting your health at risk?  

This year, Fishers is offering an online Fall Farmers Market. Not only is this an awesome way to continue investing in our local food supply systems, but it’s also ZERO CONTACT!

I was given the opportunity to be one of the first people to try out the new online ordering and delivery system for the Fall Farmers Market so I could walk you through my experience.  

fm order

I started by logging onto the Online Market website to get a list of detailed instructions as well as a list of current vendors. After clicking “order now” and making an account, which takes just a few seconds, I was met with a long list of products available for order.

There are so many options! From baked goods to fresh produce, the available items are much like the Summer Market. If you’ve found a few favorites over the summer, chances are they’ll be available for online order as well.

I scrolled through and selected a few baked goods and a few produce items to add to my cart. I am a sucker for fresh bread and my daughter, of course, wanted all the cookies and sweets! We also chose an onion and peppers to make fajitas over the weekend. There are so many things to choose from, it was hard to decide!  


The window to order is Saturdays from 9 a.m. to Wednesdays at noon, and deliveries are on Friday. You’ll want to have a cooler placed on your porch if you are ordering meat or anything else that needs refrigeration. My order came midday Friday with no issues!

I couldn’t believe how easy the whole process was. Placing my order and checking out was so simple, and now that I have my account and payment all set up, it will be even easier going forward. We’ll be able to place orders with just a few clicks – talk about convenience! I can definitely see this becoming a weekly tradition- picking a few new items every week and waiting eagerly for our Friday delivery to try them!

As my family gets ready to welcome a new baby in the thick of cold and flu season, I’m so glad to have the option for fresh and local food without even leaving my house. The online Fall Farmers Market is not only going to make grocery shopping easier for me, it also allows me to prevent exposing my family to unnecessary germs throughout the season.

And, the best part is that I still get to support local farmers and bakers even though summer is over. I highly recommend giving it a shot! 

fm order on front porch

Tag @crunchykelly in your social media posts showing off your Fall Farmers Market order!! I’d love to see what goodies you order!