If you’re looking for a great place to bond with your beer lovin’ dad this Father’s Day, look no further. In honor of celebrating all of our awesome dads, we have compiled a list of some of the best local pairings in Fishers. Enjoy some great food and beer this Father’s Day with your old man!

6 tacos laying flat
a bottle of sympathy for the devil

Korean BBQ & Sympathy for the Devil

Korave’s Korean BBQ is spicy with sweet implications, meaning you’ll want to pair it with a darker ale. Sun King’s Sympathy for the Devil is a perfect choice, as it is loaded with chocolate, roasted walnut, cherry, and banana flavors that are nestled inside hints of vanilla and oak from barrel-aging. If you’re craving some Korean BBQ, make sure you give it a try with Sun King’s Sympathy for the Devil. 

This combination was recommended by Jung Kim, operator of Korave.

Photos by Korave Korean BBQ & Alexander Rogers (Sun King Brewery)

hands holding a burger
a can of Pachanga from Sun King

Diner-Style Burgers and Pachanga

You can never go wrong with a good ol’ burger and beer combination. One Trick Pony’s diner-style burgers pair great with Sun King’s Mexican-Style Lager, Pachanga. Whether you order the classic Old John burger or switch it up and get the Whiz Bang, which has pickled jalapenos and cheese wiz, the light taste of a Pachanga with lime will hit the spot. Your taste buds will thank you!

This pairing was recommended by Neal Brown, operator of One Trick Pony.

Photos by One Trick Pony and Alexander Rogers (Sun King Brewery)

spam sliders with pork asado siopao
two cans of beer

Street Food and Pachanga or Sunlight Cream Ale

From spam sliders to pork asado siopao (pork stuffed into a steam bun), Lil’ Dumpling’s variety of global street food has something for everyone. A group of Sun King’s employees recommended pairing the diverse flavors of the restaurant with the Mexican-Style Lager Pachanga and the famous Sunlight Cream Ale. The Sunlight Cream Ale is good with the vegetable egg rolls, and the Pachanga is the perfect companion to the bistek sandwich, pork lumpia, and wet breakfast burrito.

This pairing was recommended by Carlos Salazar, Operator of Lil’ Dumplings, and Sun King staff. 

Photos by Lil’ Dumplings and Alexander Rogers (Sun King Brewery

a taco with two sauces on the side
three cans of beer

Tacos and Amber Has Two Moms

For Gordito’s Rust Belt Tacos & Tortas, try pairing it with Sun King’s Amber Has Two Moms.  The spicy kick of Gordito’s mixed with the rich caramel malt flavors of the amber ale are a great combination. If this intrigues your taste buds, try it this Father’s Day! Amber Has Two Moms is only available in June in honor of Pride Month, so experience the flavors while they’re around.

Gordito’s operator, Jolene Ketzenberger, recommended this pairing.

Photos by Gordito’s Rust Belt Tacos & Tortas and Alexander Rogers (Sun King Brewery)