While the City of Fishers’ Department of Human Resources (HR) is comprised of only a few staff members, their team is truly made up of the more than 450 employees who work for “Team Fishers.”

From recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new employees, to administering timecards, organizing employee benefit packages and hosting staff appreciation events, the HR department works to ensure that every employee has a positive experience at the City. It’s a responsibility that HR Director Ethan Lee doesn’t take lightly.

“We have a population of employees that are as talented and dedicated as any organization out there,” said Lee. “The roles we play are diverse; from the highly respected Police and Fire Departments that put their lives on the line, to the unsung heroes in the Department of Public Works who quietly ensure our water, roads, and parks are safe and beautiful, to all the other departments that are an integral piece of a whole. I’m so proud to work directly with all these people and can see how they make Fishers the greatest place to live.”   

With more than 10 years in the department, Lee has seen Fishers transform in more ways than one: growing from a town to a city, bringing many new faces to the 14 departments across the City, and becoming an incubator for fresh and innovative ideas.

“I have always known the City to operate more like business than a government, in that things get done without out a lot of bureaucracy or political posturing,” said Lee. “Since becoming a City, the work environment has evolved into an almost business startup mentality, where new and outside the box ideas are encouraged, inefficiencies are pursued, and ‘status quo’ is a bad word. The City and its employees do everything in their power to succeed, but are not afraid to fail in the name of progress. The dedicated employees that work here find great satisfaction in serving the community and being a part of something greater than themselves. There is excitement in being part of a fast-growing City and employees find many intrinsic values in contributing to the smart, vibrant, and entrepreneurial spirit that has taken hold.”

It’s this attitude that attracted Whitney Mucha, Human Resources Coordinator, to the City in 2018.

“There truly is a teamwork culture where new ideas are welcomed and embraced,” said Mucha. “It’s so refreshing to come to work each day and be surrounded by people who are happy to be here and work hard to efficiently and effectively provide superior service.”

Whether it’s a full-time position, or seasonal job or internship, the HR department ensures that every employee is taken care of.

“I am honored to work with incredibly devoted and enthusiastic people,” said Aimee Ector, Human Resources Assistant. “We really care about the citizens of Fishers and strive to ensure it is a great place to live and work.”

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