In honor of the new year, we asked members of our community for their 2021 resolutions. Here’s what they had to say:

“In this very tumultuous time for so many, it is difficult for me to choose just ONE New Year’s resolution. I am in a new teaching position this year and it is bringing perspective in so many ways, while learning about different cultures. I strive to instill acceptance and open-mindedness in my own students. With that in mind, my resolution will be: BE the best example in the eyes of each student to demonstrate strength through tough times, show love, acceptance, respect, forgiveness, and kindness to ALL, and stay strong enough to guide the future of our community to love, give back, and grow in their own cultures.”

-Lisa Roach, Global Studies Instructor at Lantern Road Elementary

“My husband and I love to explore our National Parks; we have been to 15 parks across the US including Indiana’s own Indiana Dunes. My 2021 resolution is to explore our beautiful Indiana State Parks system with 24 parks and sites. Hoosiers don’t have to travel far to enjoy the great outdoors.”

-Ross Hilleary, Planner III at the City of Fishers

ross hilleary
“My resolution for 2021 is to really focus, not only on my overall health, but my mental wellbeing. I think 2020 was a mentally tough year for everyone. That being said, I want to focus on learning to ground myself and meditate when I get anxious or just don’t feel like I’m being present. I also want to continue working out at OrangeTheory – Nickel Plate District and take advantage of the new Nickel Plate Trail.”

-Abbey Venable, Online Communications Coordinator at Hamilton East Public Library

“After a year of ‘Zooming’ all day long for work, I am not alone when I say that Zoom fatigue is real. That said, I want to be more purposeful on that platform and carve out quality and social time for family and friends who I can only interact with online because of distance and COVID.”

Christine Dejoy, Director of Public Affairs at Conner Prairie

Moore Family
“In these unusual times, we are longing for our usual gatherings and get togethers. In 2021, I hope that we overcome this pandemic and things get back to normal so we continue to work on mutual understanding and peace. As a member of the Fishers Multi-Faith Community for Compassion (FMCC), I will be committed to serve and ask everyone to join us to make our community a better place.”

-Cenk Kandemir, Member of the Executive Committee of the Fishers Multi-Faith Community for Compassion (FMCC) and Executive Director of the Niagara Foundation

Kohli Family
“2020 is a year that has served as a reminder that I need to perfect scheduling self-care time. As a mom it can be hard to find the time with busy schedules but also as a mom, our job is so hard. My resolution is to take daily meaningful self-care time.”

-Megan Gamble, Fishers Ambassador & Resident

kaelyn tai
“My New Year’s resolution for 2021 is the Serenity Prayer. I ask God to Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference.”

-Toya Corbitt-Perry, Fishers Resident and Pediatrician at Yancy & Corbitt MDS

“I have never been one to make a big resolution on New Year’s because I feel like if I want to change something, why wait? However, in the spirit of this piece, I will say that in 2021 I resolve to move more, eat less, and be present with my kids and family.”

Sarah Sandquist, Director of Fishers Parks