John Dierdorf is the definition of modern impressionism. His abstract impressionist methods emerged as his preferred style and definition of work with the use of loose, spontaneous brushstrokes to capture the essence of a subject. Dierdorf says, “Spending time in the garden or taking in the scenic landscape from the back porch provides inspiration for new works as my painting style continues to evolve.”

His preferred medium is boldly colored acrylics. When possible, he enjoys blending subtle tones to create an interesting expression that includes architectural elements, trees, and flowers. John Dierdorf draws inspiration from several painters including Robert Indiana, Monet, Miro, Kandinsky, and Pollock.

His passions for architecture indeed stem from his architecture studies at Ball State University. There he learned not only how to create buildings, functional interiors, and exterior spaces between and around buildings but also how to be a curious observer of his surroundings and how light and shadow impart character. Those lessons all provided a great foundation for his current painting projects, not just his architecture career!

For more on the artist, follow him on twitter @jmdierdorf.