What makes fine art “fine”? Gold frames, precision-cut mats and kid gloves often come to mind when we hear the words “fine art,” and understandably so. Artists pour their heart, soul, money and energy into their work, which often culminates in a precious final product. They take great measures to ensure that the artwork stays pristine, which can sometimes make “fine art” feel stiff and stuffy.

Enter Jim Beitman, a local Noblesville artist and true creative spirit whose work is bright, cheery and oh-so-fine. While he certainly pours everything he has into his work, it’s clear that whimsy is important to Beitman, too. Not content with one medium, his body of work pays homage to feathered friends with a variety of mixed media works featuring paintings and felted wool.

While it’s obvious that Beitman pours his heart, soul and energy into his work, it’s also clear that he’s adding a full serving of whimsy, too. “To me, art is in the making.”