The analyst in Jessica Springman could co-exist and surface as her defining art style. The mother of two worked as a statistician and database programmer for some of the world’s largest media and market research firms before the artist in her really resurfaced.

Local Fishers art lover and friend Greg Farrell coined Springman’s style “Vennism,” defined by “breaking apart multivariate reality into constituent and relational elements as separated and nested 2-D representations.”

Everything Jessica Springman draws or cuts is done entirely by hand using nothing more than a ruler, compass, pencil and pen. She rarely sketches. She sees the finished image in her mind.

The challenge, and excitement, is figuring out how to faithfully render her visions on paper. The mathematics behind her art is intense, but the result pushes her as an artist to find correlation between stark geometry and the irregularities (and color) of “life.”

Below, she lets us in on her artistic life.

Cultural Influences: I have a passion for patterns, interlocking shapes, and the interaction of positive and negative space in design. I am influenced by architecture, textile design, embroidery and tapestry design, sacred geometry, and the visualization of mathematical equations and numeric patterns.

Artistic Influences: I admire the sophisticated, detailed style of artists like Jackson Pollock, Georges Seurat, Laurie Lipton and William Morris.

Work environment: I work primarily out of my studio in Noblesville, IN. I enjoy collaborating with other fine artists and illustrators and art associations such as Indianapolis Arts Council, Fishers Arts Council, Hamilton County Artists’ Association, Nickel Plate Arts, and Carmel Arts and Design District.

Materials used: Typically heavyweight acrylic paper and illustration board, and professional-grade inks and pens, pencils and watercolor paint. Paper-cut artwork uses a standard X-acto craft knife.

Contact: I accept commissions for custom artwork, and gladly work with agencies and marketing firms on commercial projects. You can find me on Facebook or email me at