Belinda Short is a fabulously imaginative ‘mixed media’ artist who also creates sculptures, paintings, digital art, jewelry, resin art, textile art, and more. From papercraft to more traditional art forms, she is truly diverse in style and media. Short has even forayed into bookmaking in the past and recently started making custom journal covers on pre-made books (taking on a series of book covers art projects).

Short draws inspiration in her efficient and sustainable art processes from her childhood. She says, “I grew up really, really poor, so when I’m not splurging on supplies I don’t need, I spend a lot of time trying to come up with ways to make things cheaply (and archivally if possible).” Short further describes her art process and style by calling most of her work “eviscera” art—a term she made up to represent the emotional combination of layered art that is truly meant to be interacted with.

Belinda Short

Belinda is also a professional singer, often streaming performances along with her visual art practices for the world to enjoy. Short says, “I’ve been streaming art off and on for 13 years since streaming started being a thing. I love making art online and interacting.” Currently, Short is working on an augmented reality game to share via streaming as well. Stay tuned to her Mixer channel for updates! Learn more on Instagram.