At Fishers Parks, we create a community of exploration for all ages. Whether you’re looking for a night to let loose, ecotherapy on the trails, or your family’s next adventure, our parks and activities are made for making memories. 

Spring break is here, so why not make it a stay-cation and check out somewhere here in Fishers? We asked residents and city staff to share why they love our city’s parks and events. Here’s the top 50 reasons you love Fishers Parks (plus a few more, because we love them THAT MUCH!):

1. “With three boys, we’re always looking for adventure to burn off some energy. The Fishers AgriPark is a great place for kids to explore and learn more about where our food comes from.” Mayor Scott Fadness

2. “I love Fishers Parks for their summer concerts! They have a great variety of performances, and it’s fun for the whole family.” Kristen Henley, Event Coordinator at The Ambassador House

3. “They are a wonderful place to walk my dog. They offer such a great variety of events for all our family.” Mark Wehlage, Events Manager at Fishers Parks

4. “We love Fishers Parks for the splash pads! We love running around in the water and having lunch at the parks during the summer.” Kelly Yale, Fishers Ambassador

5. “My family loves all Fishers Parks, especially Holland Park, or as my son lovingly refers to it as The Bee Park, because of the bee shaped play structure on the toddler playground. We love the playground, Monsoon Madness, and coming to the Winter Farmers’ Market.” Sarah Sandquist, Director of Fishers Parks

6. “I love enjoying Fishers Parks during an early morning walk.” Susan Jardine, Resident

7. “We love creek stomping at Flat Fork Creek Park.” Deanna Glass, Resident

8. “Saturday mornings in the summer mean it’s time for the Fishers Farmers’ Market at the NPD AMP. WIth Dante by my side, we make sure to tour the market, eat some breakfast, and get our produce for the week.” Chief Steve Orusa, Fishers Fire Department

9. “They are close! There are two parks within a mile or two of us.” Anita Hunt Glaze, Resident

10. “One of my favorite events is SparkFishers. I grew up going to parades. My family & I look forward to participating in the parade every year!!” Cecilia Coble, City Council President

11. “Holland Park! My son and his friends are so excited to climb and play!” Jenny Minor, Resident

12. “I love #FishersParks because I’m able to share and explore these beautiful spaces with my husband and kids.” Megan Baumgarter, Director of Economic Development at the City of Fishers

13. “We love walking the trails at Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve— it really makes you feel like you are “out in the woods” in nature and can get away from the city, yet it’s very close to us. It’s peaceful and beautiful – a great little escape!” Allie Deal, Resident 

14. “I live within walking distance to two parks – Geist Park and Flat Fork Creek Park. The features of these parks that I enjoy the most is the relaxation of each. I love to sit at Geist Park and just watch Fall Creek flow by or walk along the trails and enjoy the seclusion at Flat Fork Creek Park.” Norm Tate, Fishers Police Department

15. “From splash pads to sledding, there is always something fun for my kids to do and explore.” Samantha DeLong, City Councilor

16. “Life is tough, even before pandemics, civil unrest, or fear of what’s to come. But the parks are synonymous with happiness, hope, and safety. Whether you sit high above the city to catch the rising or setting sun over Flat Fork Creek Park, on the bench in Heritage Park along the White River as your troubles ebb with the flow of the water, in the deep of the woods of Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve with nature and history, or with the laughter of children in Holland Park that just makes you smile…any of these parks allow you to just breathe. There is something cleansing about our green space. An hour a day or week in nature washes the electronics and rush of everyday from you. It makes you feel grounded… a part of something. I think it makes you feel intended.” John Mehling, Public Information Officer for Fishers Fire Department 

17. “We love Holland Park!” Breanne Rose, Resident

18. “My daughter took some of her first steps on the bridge at Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve. I reminisce about it every time we go there for a hike.” Andrew Myers, Operations Manager at Fishers Parks

19. “With four children, we really love all the family-fun activities and events Fishers Parks has to offer. Glow in the Park is hands down one of our favorite events that we attend each and every year!” Amanda Merriweather, Fishers Ambassador

20. “I love Fishers Parks because they are free of charge and open to all.” Megan Schaefer, Planner at the City of Fishers

21. “Flat Fork Creek Park is definitely one of our favorites. I’d like to give a ?? to Fishers Parks for always having the cleanest bathrooms, which is huge in my book. It never fails, right when we get to any park my 3-year-old has to use the bathroom.” Carylin Perry, Resident

22. “Our parks are diverse and offer a variety of options and activities for any mood, age, or ability.” Whitney Mucha, Human Resources Coordinator for the City of Fishers

23. “Troop 199 loved the opportunity to serve our awesome Fishers community and parks.” Sarah Gordon, Fishers Parks Volunteer

24. “When we first moved to the area in 2016, I had two very young children that needed space to roam. I have always been grateful for the playgrounds and trails in the Fishers Parks system. We first visited Brooks School Park and had a hard time getting our oldest kid to leave because he hadn’t quite conquered climbing the tallest ladder of the playground. Eventually, we made our way to Billericay Park and Holland Park and love that each park has a unique playground for the kids to explore with additional land or splash pads. They usually find a favorite spot to climb or race to, and if all else fails, there is plenty of open land to kick a soccer ball around. We can always count on them being safe, clean, and open to all ages of exploration.” Ginny Zimmerman, Event Coordinator at Saxony Hall

25. “Flat Fork Creek Park is convenient, clean, has multiple trail options, and treehouses.” Amber Fahy, Resident

26. “A few years ago, my granddaughter stayed with me for the summer and I had to work. She was a very shy girl and I was nervous taking her to a summer camp where she knew no one. She loved the different camps and after a few days, she asked to be the last picked up because the counselors entertained them while they were waiting. Also, knowing the strict guidelines for pickup helped this Grandma!” Denise Calandrelli, Resident

27. “I love the wide array of original events the Parks Department puts on. from the Fishers Farmers’ Market to Monsoon Madness and Glow in the Park, Fishers Parks provides FUN for every age.” Marissa Deckert, Assistant Director of Fishers Parks

28. “Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve – we love great little hikes.” Ryan Hogue, Resident

29. “I love Fishers Parks because they are a peaceful setting where you have the choice to either connect with a variety of new people or just relax and get away by yourself in solitude.” Eric Steiner, Assistant Director of Public Works at the City of Fishers

30. “We love the affordable family events offered in the summer.” Valarie Garcia, Resident

31. “I love Fishers Parks because I can spend time making memories with my family hiking, picnicking, and playing together. It teaches them to enjoy nature, allows us to take a break from technology, and helps us make friends in the community. I love the variety of events and parks – it’s truly the reason we live in Fishers. There’s so much to do right here in our hometown, and it’s great for our mental health to get out and PLAY and be silly.” Molly Connolly, Customer Experience Manager at City of Fishers

32. “I love enjoying the scenery from the Nickel Plate District Amphitheater.” Bre Lacy, Resident

33. “I love Fishers Parks for the variety of ways it allows me to create fun and unique memories with my family.” Ethan Lee, Director of HR for the City of Fishers

34. “I loved working Mud Day at Cyntheanne Park last summer.” Mariah Noble, Fishers Parks Volunteer

35. “I love Fishers Parks because they are dog friendly! There are so many parks and trails that my puppy and I love explore!” Kara Hall, Marketing & Public Relations Manager at the City of Fishers

36. “They are close by, overall highly handicap accessible, and unique! We are so thankful to be Fishers residents.” Erin Dague, Resident

37. “We love the bike trails at Flat Fork Creek Park!” Aimee Ash, Resident

38. “I love Fishers Parks because there is truly something for everyone, whether my family wants to walk the trails at Flat Fork Creek Park, let off some energy at Holland Park’s playground, or visit the NPD AMP for the Fishers Farmers’ Market, it’s easy to entertain the whole family.” Ashley Elrod, Director of Public Relations at the City of Fishers

39. “We love fun in the sun at Saxony Beach!” Amanda Dolan, Resident

40. “The Fishers Farmers’ Market is a great place to buy local and support fellow Hoosiers. The main reason we go is for the amazing eggrolls from Mathoo’s– if you haven’t had them, do yourself a favor and try them!” Sarah Hall, Farmers’ Market Shopper

41. “I love Fishers Parks because there are so many parks and you are sure to find your favorite!” Bella Steimel, Marketing & PR Intern at the City of Fishers

42. “I love Fishers parks for their diversity. Each park Is different and has its own unique charm. From the sledding hill at Flat Fork Creek Park to the beautiful trails and nature at Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve, and the openness and kid-friendly play at Holland Park… and we can’t leave out the awesome events at the Nickel Plate District Amphitheater! Also, everyone must go to Glow in the Park at least once!” Abby Hake, Fishers Ambassador

43. “I love Fishers Parks because of all there is to do! From trails to splash pads and sports fields, there is something for everyone!” Christina Poetz, PR & Marketing Coordinator at the City Fishers

44. “I love the diversity the parks in Fishers provides for all families. From playgrounds to greenway walking paths, all are perfect for any kind of adventure.” Megan Gamble, Fishers Ambassador

45. “My husband Steve and I love Cumberland Park! We live nearby and walk our dog Dot there every day. Strolling along the creek under the trees is so peaceful and relaxing. It’s a wonderful place to connect with nature and rejuvenate.” Amy Crell, Volunteer Coordinator at the City of Fishers

46. “We love all the beautiful trails and paths, safe play spaces, and free outdoor concerts for all ages.” Shara Harrison, Resident

47. “Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve. It was a perfect day for the trail!” Krista McKenna, Resident

48. “I love Heritage Park for its peacefulness, bird watching and Spring wildflowers. It’s also a cool (literally and figuratively) place to go when it’s hot outside. It’s a wonderful escape from the noise of everyday life.” Lilli Hazard, Administrative Assistance at the City of Fishers

49. “I love exploring Fishers Parks while social distancing, and we adore Saxony Beach.” Jessica Sargent, Resident

50. “My favorite thing about Fishers Parks is how we have so many all over the city. Regardless where you live, you’ll still have a park nearby.” Tessa Barnard, Community Engagement Coordinator at City of Fishers

51. “Touch-a-Truck day…great memories! Great city serving the community.” Adriana Hiatt, Resident

52. “I love our parks because there is a wide variety of activities to do at each of our parks and they are all different. I also love the variety of events we hold throughout the year!” Kalissa Atchley, Event Coordinator at Fishers Parks

53. “We love exploring Flat Fork Creek Park!” Lauren Medawar, Resident

54. “I’ve had the privilege of witnessing some precious memories and celebrations at Saxony Hall and The Ambassador House as an Event Coordinator. When I’m lucky enough to catch a sunset in a spare moment over the lake from Saxony Hall’s terrace, you better believe I’m going to take advantage.” Coni Hudson, Event Coordinator at Saxony Hall