two photos stitched together. the left being a hand holding a pecan pie. the right being a girl holding a glass of wine

Thanksgiving is definitely one of my top favorite holidays, but there is just something so special about Friendsgivings! We hosted one after buying our first home and it was such a blast to have all our friends over. Picture Thanksgiving but with all of your best friends, it really is the best! Everyone can pitch in and bring their own dish, and since these are typically hosted prior to the real Thanksgiving there is no pressure to make the perfect dish. 

In fact, since I do a lot of cooking and baking on actual Thanksgiving I am a big fan of finding quick and easy options for Friendsgivings. I have put together a list of local spots around Fishers that you can snag any last-minute ingredients and even ready-to-serve dishes for your upcoming Friendsgiving celebration!

the exterior of rise n roll bakery
two chalkboard signs. the one on the left reads: apple, dutch apple, blueberry, cherry, peach, apple pecan, pecan, and pumpkin. the one on the right reads: place your thanksgiving pre-orders 3178455533. for pickup 11/23: cut off 11/19 at 12:00. for pickup 11/24: cut off 11/22 at 10:00

Rise’n Roll Bakery

9705 Fishers District Dr.
Fishers, IN 46037
(317) 845-5533

I like to start with dessert, so the first stop on my list is Rise’n Roll Bakery. Rise’n Roll opened up in the Fishers District in December 2019, and I have been a huge fan of their donuts ever since. They also carry jams, butter, pies, and more. I recently tried a slice of their Pecan Pie and was blown away. They offer a wide variety of pies that would make the perfect Friendsgiving dessert!

Varieties include Apple, Dutch Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, Peach, Apple Pecan, Pecan, and Pumpkin. You can stop by and pick up one that is ready to go or place an order ahead of time.

an overview of a meat section in a store
a close up of meat in a store

Moody’s Butcher Shop 

10106 Brooks School Rd.
Fishers, IN 46037
(317) 595-9282

Whether you’re serving a classic turkey, chicken, ham, prime rib, or something else Moody’s is the place to go! Stop in to browse around, or you can place an order ahead of time if you are looking for something specific. They also carry a wide variety of wine, spices, condiments, and more. 

a girl holding a glass of wine
three bottles of wine

Peace Water Winery

11547 Yard St. Suite 830
Fishers, IN 46037
(317) 537-2190

What would a Friendsgiving (or Thanksgiving) be without the wine? We recently stopped by Peace Water Winery in Fishers to ask the team which of their wines they would recommend for Thanksgiving. We tried a flight that included the Soulful Oaked Chardonnay, Sublime Reserve Pinot Noir*, and Sublime Pinot Noir. They would all pair perfectly with traditional Thanksgiving dishes! I snagged a couple of bottles to take to all of our upcoming celebrations later this month. 

Picking up some wine from a local spot is a lot more fun than scrambling to find something last minute at the grocery store. I highly recommend checking out their tasting room and selecting your celebration wines that way! They would also make great host gifts. 

*Wine Club Member Exclusive. For information on becoming a member of the Peace Posse, visit: 

a close up of meat inside of a butcher shop
the inside of a butcher shop

Kincaid’s Meat Market

11547 Yard St Suite 870
Fishers, IN 46037
(317) 537-2207

Another great spot to search for a turkey is Kincaid’s Meat Market located in Fishers District! They have been serving Indianapolis and the surrounding areas for over 100 years. We stopped in recently to pick up a bottle of their Feather-N-Fowl Poultry seasoning for our turkey.

cookies in a box
a cookie inside of a box

Crumbl Cookies

8395 E 116th St. Suite 137
Fishers, IN 46038
(317) 284-9311

Who said we can’t start AND end with dessert? If you are looking for a fun twist on classic Thanksgiving desserts (this is Friendsgiving, after all) then I recommend showing up with a box of Crumbl Cookies! If you haven’t been to Crumbl yet, you definitely should try them out ASAP. Each week, they rotate their flavors and offer 4-5 different ones, including seasonal favorites that will definitely wow your friends.