Fishers residents can get a behind-the-scenes look inside their local government during the Fall 2023 session of the award-winning Fishers City Government Academy (CGA), where they can experience conversations with City staff, tours of City facilities, and more in this nine-week course on Tuesday evenings. At the end of the course, participants will have a greater understanding of how Fishers government works. 

people sitting at table
people at tables in classroom

Registration is now open for the fall session and closes on Friday, July 28. The session will kick off on Thursday, August 10 and will meet weekly. The academy is free and open to Fishers residents who are 18 and older.  

Below are 5 things you’ll learn from participating in CGA!  

1. Have you ever thought about where wastewater from your home goes? 

Participants will learn all about the wastewater treatment process from the city’s Department of Public Works, and even take a evening to tour the facility. Trust me, you will have a brand-new appreciation for this department! 

group of people on tour

2. How does the City attract top retail and life science companies like Top Golf, IKEA and Stevanto Group? 

Learn about the economic development process from start to finish from the city’s Economic Development Director and the Planning and Zoning department. 

3. How many fires does the Fishers Fire Department put out in a year?

You will learn this fact, as well as explore the innovative paramedicine program that the fire department has implemented to decrease the number of immediate dentations in Fishers. This session will also include a tour of the Fishers Fire Headquarters.  

4. Have you ever thought about how a street intersection comes to be?

During the Engineering Department session, participants will learn how we determine whether to put in roundabouts, four-way stops, or light signals. Additionally, participants will have an opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at the new Nickel Plate Trail.  

group of people on tour on trail

5. How many parks Fishers has? 

Learn more about how Fishers Parks keeps our beautiful parks up and running and activated, as well as the plans for Geist Waterfront Park and other upcoming recreational assets and events.  

Learn more and register for City Government Academy by filling out the application.