squirrels on golf course

There’s a new attraction in town, and it is a sight to see! Squirrel Stampede Mini Golf, a 4-hole course commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Great Squirrel Stampede of Hamilton County, made its debut appearance on September 24 at the final Fishers Farmers Market of the season. Thanks to partnership with Visit Hamilton County in conjunction with the 2023 Hamilton County Bicentennial, you can experience this unique moment in local history with a round of mini golf, perfect for all ages!  

This week, the squirrels are scurrying over to the Fishers AgriPark to join the fun at the Fishers AgriPark Fall Festival. Over the next nine months, the squirrels will travel around Fishers, visiting local businesses, parks, and special events throughout the community.  

Here are five things to know about this unique course:   

mini golf hole
squirrels on golf course

1. You’ll join the squirrels on their historic journey. 

Although squirrels may seem cute and harmless, these furry rodents caused mass destruction during their migration, and each of the four holes is modeled after a specific segment of the squirrels’ path. Holes 1 and 2 demonstrate how they traveled across the farmlands of Central Indiana trampling and destroying cornfields along the way. Play your way through Holes 3 and 4 to venture through the forest and across the White River, when the squirrels finally left their path of destruction behind. 

mini golf hole

2. It’s a traveling course.

Each hole is made up of several large pieces, so the course can be transported to different locations around Fishers. It takes about an hour to deconstruct or reassemble the entire course. Squirrel Stampede Mini Golf will appear at different events throughout Fishers’ year-long Sesquicentennial celebration, so if you missed its debut at the Farmers Market or this week at the Fall Festival there will be more chances to play. Track the squirrels’ next adventure at ThisIsFishers.com/SquirrelGolf.  

mini golf hole

3. Beware of Hole 2.

Although it appears to be a straight shot to an easy hole in one, multiple players have reported that Hole #2 is deceptively challenging. With the burlap at the base of the corn stalks acting as sand traps and loose ears of corn obstructing the path of your ball, there’s more to this hole than you might think. It’s only fitting that the most destructive portion of the squirrel stampede corresponds with the most challenging hole on the course. 

people playing mini golf

4. It’s free to play.

There’s no cost to play Squirrel Stampede Mini Golf, and there’s no need to sign up in advance. We have everything you’ll need to play, such as putters, balls, and scorecards for our more competitive players. When it comes to the course, if you can see it, you can play it! 

mother and daughter playing mini golf

5. It’s open to all ages.

Squirrel Stampede Mini Golf is fun for everyone, regardless of skill level. With only four holes, the course is short enough for even the youngest players to be able to complete, while still having a variety of obstacles within each hole to pose a challenge for more experienced putters. We also provide a range of putter sizes to accommodate both child and adult players. Whether you’re 7, 17, or 70, you’ll be able to take a swing at Squirrel Stampede Mini Golf!

Learn more at ThisIsFishers.com/SquirrelGolf