Blazing the Trail, a mural by Indiana artist Becky Hochhalter, was celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on July 14, 2021.

The mural, located on the back of the Fishers Police Department parking garage on the municipal complex, faces the paved portion of the Nickel Plate Trail just north of 116th Street.

The colorful mural is open for all to see for years to come. When you go to check it out, remember these five things about the mural and the Nickel Plate Trail.

1. Accessible from the Nickel Plate Trail

The Nickel Plate Trail runs right along with this artwork and is the preferred way to view it. Park at the Municipal Complex, join the trail at North Street and enjoy a walk north on the paved portion of the trail.

2. Honoring K9 Officer Harlej

The mural honors Fishers K9 Officer Harlej, who was killed in the line of duty in November 2019. He appears on the north side of the mural, licking the face of a young girl. Since the mural features on the back of the police station garage, it’s a fitting tribute to the fallen K9 officer.

3. Hidden Butterflies

Artist Becky Hochhalter said she painted hidden butterflies throughout the mural. She wouldn’t say how many, leaving the challenge up to you to find as many butterflies as you can. Can you find them all? Share your guess and a selfie with the mural using #AroundFishers.

a woman working on a mural

4. Local Landmarks

Local landmarks are featured throughout the mural. The covered bridge at Bell Ford Bridge, an homage to local breweries, the Nickel Plate District Amphitheater and the logos of both Fishers and Hamilton Southeastern High Schools are included.

5. Expanding the Trail

The mural was just an early part of the construction on the Nickel Plate Trail. Now, the trail stretches from 106th Street up to 146th Street, with a pedestrian tunnel beneath 116th Street. Apartment complexes and a hotel along the trail will follow, and local businesses will add seating and interactive areas along the trail in the future.

When it is completed, the trail will stretch through Fishers from 146th to 96th Street, with multiple activation hubs and connections along the way. Learn more about the project at, and other arts and culture projects happening around the city on This is Fishers’ Arts & Culture hub.

a mural of a person taking a selfie on their phone, a person with a school logo on their shirt, a concert venue with people and a covered bridge