This year, Fishers Parks is hosting their annual Boo Bash event on Saturday, October 29 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.We look forward to attending this family-fun event every Halloween and cannot wait to celebrate again this year. From festive booths to a boo-tiful display of jack-o-lanterns, this is an event you’ll definitely want to bring the whole family to.  

I get so excited around this time each year because I absolutely LOVE finding fun costume ideas for my kiddosI also prefer going the DIY route since costumes can be pretty pricey and to channel a little creativity into something my kids and I enjoy so much… Halloween!  

We’ve been doing matching Halloween costumes for the kids since they were babiesMy husband and I haven’t really gone all out with costumes for ourselves yet, but we’re leaning towards joining in on all the fun this year.  

Here’s a glance at our costumes over the years: 

halloween costumes

Last year, I decided to enter our kids into the Fishers Boo Bash Costume Contest, and WE WON!

Whether you’re dressing up the whole family or just the kids this year, there are some pretty epic costumes to choose from. To help give you some ideas and inspirationI’ve put together a collection of unique and creative family costume ideas that I think you will love just as much as I do.  

Ready to get inspired?  

A Blast from the Past 

The Wizard of Oz

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! This triplet family has everyone they need to complete this brilliant Wizard of Oz costume.  

Courtesy of @rdklove

Wizard of Oz

Michael Jackson’s Thriller  

Even if I hadn’t already given it away, I’m sure you could guess this iconic family costume. I bet most of these pieces could easily be found in your closets or borrowed from friends.  

Courtesy of @psmamablog  

MJ Thriller

Thriller Party of 6

Large family? No problem. This family of six recreated the iconic Thriller video perfectly. I know I’m definitely keeping this costume idea in mind for future Halloween’s as a family of six ourselves.  

Courtesy of @readysetrico 

Thriller Party of 6 @readysetrico


This popular DIY family costume will transport you and your entire family back to the ‘50s. With so many distinct outfits and characters in the movie, you’re likely to have everything you need to complete this costume right at home.  

Courtesy of Dr. Aaliya Yaqub @clearskindoc


Out of This World

Solar System

This adorable family costume features the stars, the universe, and two astronauts. Your Halloween is bound to be out of this world dressing up as the solar system.  

Courtesy of @katieksturg  

Solar System

Blast into Space

Blast into space with the full crew including the head scientist, his astronauts, their rocket ship, and the star in their sky.  

Courtesy of @dealsformomsblog 

Space Team @dealsformomsblog

For the Disney Family

Disney Tourists

Now, this family costume is pretty genius. If you’ve been to Disney, chances are you probably have everything you need to complete this fun and quirky family costume with ease.

Courtesy of @thehappeninghousewife   

Disney Tourists @thehappeninghousewife

Disneyland Snacks

So, we’ve covered the Disney tourists, but what trip to Disney is ever complete without indulging in all the yummy food? This hilarious, yet out-of-the-box costume idea will leave everyone smiling (and a little hungry). 

Courtesy of @itsterryberry

Disney Snacks @itsterryberry

Toy Story

Dressing up as the crew from Toy Story is one family costume idea everyone should be able to get behind. Whether you want to dress up as the original cast, add in the beloved Forky, or keep things simple with the Pizza Planet delivery guy, this is one super fun costume the whole family will enjoy. 

Courtesy of @makingmetoo

Toy Story @makingmetoo


Who doesn’t love the story of Moana and Maui’s great adventure to return the heart of Te FitiThis family truly nailed some of our favorite characters from the movie.  

Courtesy of @lifewiththedorts 

Moana @lifewiththedorts


Adventures await this cheerful family as they transform into the cast of AladdinThis is a great way to re-use older costumes and make them new again! 

Courtesy of @tiffanydarlyn   

Aladdin @tiffanydarlyn

Peter Pan

Now is your chance to take the whole family to Never Land. This family pieced together these costumes perfectly to keep them all from growing up – for now, at least.  

Courtesy of @casadefallo

Captain Hook @casadefallon

Family Entertainment

Party Animals

You will truly be the life of the party wearing this hysterical DIY family costume. Grab a few party supplies and throw on an animal print mask to complete this simple, yet epic party animal costume.  

Courtesy of @ourfifthhouse 

Party Animals @ourfifthhouse

The Mime Family

Everyone has their own unique personality, so what better way to showcase them than by dressing up as a mime family for Halloween this year. Grab a few striped shirts, some face paint, and gloves to complete this amusing family costume. 

Courtesy of @aina.coca  

Mime Family @aina.coca

Mario Kart

Save those Amazon boxes! How much fun is this family’s Mario Kart costume? Everyone can choose their own character, decorate some recycled cardboard, and race to the trick or treat – I mean finish line.  

Courtesy of @girllovesglam 

Mario Kart @girllovesglam

The Gingerbread Man

Complete with Mama Spice, the Baker, and the cutest little Gingerbread Man you ever did see, this family costume is beyond adorable.  

Courtesy of @charmsie   

Gingerbread Man @charmsie

Take Your Pick

If your family is having a hard time settling on one theme this year, not to worry. This family completely nailed their family costume, even without dressing up in one particular theme. 

Courtesy of @janellemcaloon 

Take Your Pick @janellemcaloon

Family & Fan Favorites

Game of Thrones

Winter is coming, so it’s time to gather up your little dragons. Whether you want to transform into the Mother of Dragons, become a creepy White Walker, throw some faux fur on as Jon Snow, or channel another character from Game of Thrones, your family costume is sure to be a hit!  

Courtesy of @hellomegandanielle  

Game of Thrones @hellomegandanielle

Stranger Things

You’ll be turning heads into the upside down by recreating this Stranger Things family costume. With so many quirky characters and all the 80s nostalgia, it’ll be so fun choosing your favorite scene and bringing it to life through your costume and accessories. 

Courtesy of @megansakamoto  

Stranger Things @megansakamoto

Batman & Robin

Save the day by gearing up as your favorite superheroes. The possibilities are endless with all the characters, heroes, and villains to choose from. Who would you choose to help save the day? 

Courtesy of @mrswoodtomotherhood 

Batman & Robin @mrswoodtomotherhood

Feeling Inspired Yet? 

A huge thank you to all of the sweet families who allowed me to share their photos for this post and who really put in the extra effort to make their family Halloween costumes unique, creative, and most of all, a blast for all to see!  

I hope you have found some inspiration and ideas while planning your family’s next Halloween costumes. 

See you at Boo Bash!