The Fishers Fire Department Cul-de-sac Drills have returned for a second season of neighborhoods meeting firefighters one on one. Firefighters will pull out hoses, spray water, and give children of all ages an opportunity to handle the hose line or run through the spray. Check out the schedule to find your neighborhood here.

The goal of the drills is to build relationships within the neighborhoods, where kids can discover the path to becoming a firefighter. Firefighters will share personal stories about the duties of the job and provide education on how most fires can be prevented. This event supports neighbors meeting neighbors and promotes familiarity with the fire station and staff.

We sat down with Lieutenant Josh Mehling, who you could meet during the cul-de-sac drills to learn more about his job and the importance of this initiative.

Fire dept. vehicles in a neighborhood

Lieutenant Josh Mehling

Tell us about yourself.

As a resident of Fishers, I have been blessed to work for the Fishers Department of Fire and Emergency Services for 18 years. I have served most of my time at Station 393 and Ladder 393, Officer of Engine 393, and currently as the Officer of Ladder 393.

What do you love most about Fishers?

There is so much to do here in Fishers. From pickle ball to incredible dining options, there are always moments to meet incredible people.

Why are the cul-de-sac drills important?

Every time the tones go off in the station, we meet people on the worst day of their lives. Cul-de-sac drills give us and the community an opportunity to meet each other on much better terms. We can pull back the curtain and let the community see what we do and ask questions. Building that relationship with the community is important to us and builds trust and a better understanding of how the department serves the community. We might be able to even inspire the next generation of firefighters!

Why is building relationships with neighborhoods important?

Our house protects your house…trust amongst our neighbors helps us complete our mission. It allows us to go beyond the medical or fire emergency and inspire change in a way that makes Fishers safer for everyone.

Kids play in the fire hose

The Fishers Fire Department Cul-de-sac drills are happening now until the end of August. Visit the schedule here to learn when the firefighters are coming to a neighborhood near you.

Kids playing in fire hose water
Families around a firetruck
Families examining a firetruck