Visitors of all ages will find solace in the embrace of nature and refreshing water at Fishers’ new Geist Waterfront Park. With the parks’ enchanting blend of sun, sand, and endless possibilities, there is plenty for guests to see and do year-round. Before the park officially opens on Saturday, May 27, take a look at our list of amenities and features to enjoy on your first visit.

Safety Comes First

There will be multiple lifeguards on duty to keep beach areas safe and allow guests to enjoy the water. The Geist Waterfront Park lifeguards are required to earn their certifications from the American Red Cross, including their Waterfront certification as an added safety measure. With their commitment to the well-being of others, the lifeguards have already been completing in-water training at various facilities around Fishers and with the Fishers Fire Department Dive team. This team of lifeguards will also be participating in the World’s Largest Swim Lesson on June 22, which is a global drowning prevention event held worldwide.

Lifeguards will be on duty during beach hours, which are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. Please note that the beach will be closed and lifeguards will not be on duty during off-season, beginning after Labor Day weekend.

Families enjoying the beach

Water Quality

Preserving water quality for guests was paramount in the development of Geist Waterfront Park. Working 24 hours a day, there are three underwater fresh springs and six large aerators to keep the water a sparkling amenity. Weekly water testing is completed throughout the beach season in the cove to ensure safety, so feel free to immerse yourself and enjoy your swimming experience.

Kayak, Canoe, and Paddle Board Launch

For adventure enthusiasts, there lies a kayak, canoe, and paddle board launch. This allows the public direct access to launch their non-motorized boats into Geist Reservoir. However, please note the launching point is not accessible by motorized vehicle. Those who wish to utilize this amenity must transport to the launch point by foot or personal cart. Be on the lookout later in the summer for pedal kayaks that guests can rent!

Kids playing in the sand

Great Picnic Opportunities

Need a break from the sun or somewhere to enjoy your picnic? There are tons of shelter areas available for guests who need shade or plan to cook up a meal for friends and family. Each one has a dedicated grill, so bring your veggies, burgers, or whatever you are feeling, and have yourself a summer picnic! Make sure to monitor your grill when ignited and please remember to bring your own charcoal and a metal pail to take coal and dust remnants with you upon your departure.

Bird Watchers Paradise

With upwards of 200 different bird species recorded in the Geist Reservoir area, you can count on getting some great bird watching time in. Directly across from the beach, there is an Eagle Nest that you can spot over the water, so make sure to bring your binoculars for a chance to see one firsthand. Water birds are fairly common at Geist Reservoir, with their peak season from February to April and again in October through November. Don’t miss out on taking in all the beautiful nature here, even during the beach’s off-season.

Playgrounds for ALL Abilities

The Geist Waterfront Park playground area is not your average playground. There are three separate areas designated for a variety of ages and abilities to use and enjoy, including a toddler area. The playground is pirate ship-themed and has plenty of swings, slides, rope climbing adventures, and more fun equipment to entice your young ones. The playground is open during regular park hours.


Residents must register for the free Fishers SmartPass for entry to the park starting on May 27. Learn more and sign up for the SmartPass at and follow Fishers Parks on Facebook and Instagram for park updates.

kids building sandcastles