Rosh Hashanah commemorates the creation of the world for those who are of the Jewish faith. This holiday, along with Yom Kippur, are considered the two “High Holy Days” in the Jewish religion. We have gathered five facts for Fishers residents to know about the holiday:

1. This year, Rosh Hashanah is Monday, September 26 – Tuesday, September 27. The date of the holiday typically changes every year.

2. It is the Jewish New Year based on the Hebrew Calendar. Rosh Hashanah is observed on the first and second days of the Jewish month of Tishrei, the first month in the civil calendar.

3. Rosh Hashanah is a time of celebration and reflection.

4. One of the traditions of Rosh Hashanah is to eat apples and honey to symbolize a sweet new year, and pomegranates as a symbol of the good deeds to come in the new year.

honey and apple slices

Photo by Igal Ness on Unsplash

5. Those observing attend services typically at their local synagogue and gather with friends and family.


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